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Adrenal Fatigue In Entrepreneurs!!!

Adrenal fatigue in entrepreneurs and women in business.

I hear a lot of women in business who kind of feel like adrenal fatigue is kind of part and parcel. Like it's almost, kind of like a rite of passage of being in business because, being in business is so stressful with long hours, lots of responsibility, etc..

I want to talk about some of the things that you may not realise about adrenal fatigue in terms of how it makes you feel and the impact that it has on your business. The tagline that I've used here is how it impacts your body, your bottom, and your bottom line.

First I want to talk about what are the symptoms? We've heard a lot about adrenal fatigue & burnout. The symptoms, as you can imagine, the first one being fatigue. So feeling really tired and waking up tired, feeling tired during the day and noticing that it impacts you and you know you're not as productive.

Perhaps you're not doing your exercise routine. So, generally, if you're tired the first two things that are going to drop off your list is exercise and eating well. Because, when you're tired you don't have the energy to do the exercise and then also when you're tired, you're naturally going to crave foods to pep you up like sweet foods. The second symptom, which is really common with burnout and adrenal fatigue is feeling wired, feeling anxious, feeling overwhelmed. So getting through your day and feeling like there's just too much on your plate.

You don't know where to start so you procrastinate and you don't get as much done, and that can also show up and what I often see a lot of my clients is that they'll start to plan different things in their business. Like projects, launches etc. They get so invested in it when things don't turn out the way that they want, they feel almost depressed.

They get really down on themselves and it starts off  this thought process that they are failures. It sets up an anxiety, high tension phase. The other way it can show up is insomnia. Waking up in the middle of the night. Often, my clients will say they're waking up between two and three am just randomly. Something might pop into your head but generally it's pretty random. Or, not getting a good night's sleep.

Either not able to fall asleep quickly or just having a really unrestful sleep. The other really common symptom is weight gain. Feeling like there's this weight that's probably around your midline. Maybe you've gained weight since you've started your business and it doesn't really matter what you do but you just really struggle to shift it. Even though you probably eat really well and you do exercise or do some activity, it doesn't budge your weight.

The other symptoms of adrenal fatigue and burnout along with those symptoms already is you're not going to feel like your best self. You're not going to be able to do as much as you want to do, you're not going feel like you anymore. So, on a personal level that's going to impact you. I also want to talk about the impact that it has on your business and on you're work.

There's three kind of currencies that I talk about. With your personal currency that impacts the currency of your business and adrenal fatigue and burnout will also impact those currencies. The first one is energy. Energy we need for productivity, If we don't have energy we're just not going to get through our work and we're going to be too tired to try. We  will be doing stuff like pushing ourselves and trying to use a lot of willpower to get stuff done. Most likely you won't get everything done. You'll put stuff off to another day, and again procrastinate on things.

We need energy for our business, we need energy for our body as well. Energy is a marker of health. It's really the best marker of vitality. If you don't have energy, your health and well-being is not 100%.

The second key currency is clarity. So when you're in adrenal fatigue or burnout, there's a lot of anxiety that goes with it. There's a lot of overwhelm, and when you don't have clarity,  when you have that busy mind or the anxiety you're going to work but your work is going to be very distracted. So you're not going to have proper focus, and without proper focus, what can take us one hour to do can take us three hours to do when we're anxious and overwhelmed.

If you spend two hours a day doing really solid, focused work, that could be equivalent to six hours of distracted work or overwhelmed and anxious work. Clarity is a really big currency in our business and in our life.

The third really key one is creativity. Creativity, not just for the creative types in terms of art or photography but creativity is what we use in our business every single day, and it's what we use in our life every single day because we're creating the future. We're creating different things in our business, with creativity. When we're stressed and anxious and overwhelmed and particularly in adrenal fatigue, our creativity is cut off.

Alot of people will say creativity is kind of like wealth. The wealth principle. We need to have that creativity because that's where we get our ideas for our business. So things that like  new programs or projects. But anxiety and adrenal fatigue will cut off that creativity. I'm not saying it'll cut all of your creativity off but certainly when we're anxious and burnt out, we won't be in the flow. We wont be in the flow of that creativity.

If this is you, and you want to find relief from these symptoms, you want to get your energy back, you want to feel so much better when you wake up in the morning. Wake up feeling excited about going out there and doing exercise and feeling a lot more calmer during the day and being more productive and creative in your work, then please join me in my workshop I am running this week.

I'll cover a lot more detail in the workshop, the workshop is how to reset your adrenals to conquer fatigue and unexplained weight gain in just seven days.   I'm going to give you the tool kit that you need in order to get more energy in seven days with really simple things that you can do, even though you're busy and start get your metabolism back on line and to shift the unwanted kilos.

I'm running this workshop this week and it's completely free. You will notice a massive increase in your energy, you'll feel much more productive and much more focused and your metabolic rate, or burn rate, will be increased so you'll be able to shed unwanted kilos.

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