If you’ve tried every diet, bootcamp and detox around, and you are still just as tired, grumpy and bloated. Then I am here to help!


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  • "Struggling with weight gain, recurrent infections, low energy levels and related anxiety issues, I was referred to Vesna July 2006. Vesna was always approachable, patient, understanding and remained confidential. Through her guidance and education, she helped me to return to good health and appropriate body weight, teaching me life long ways for a balanced and positive life style. Vesna always explained everything, looked for solutions and remained determined to achieve the goals I wanted. In more recent years, Vesna has always been available to answer questions regarding different issues, and fully supported me in naturopathic ways in my marathon training and travel experiences. Vesna’s own passion for a healthy and well-balanced life is a wonderful role model to all that have the privilege of knowing her. These days I rarely get sick, after 20 years of losing my voice and struggling with sinus problems, I only ever visit the doctor now for a check up once a year. I trust and enthusiastically recommend Vesna Hrsto"

    Jannelle Marshall Sydney, Australia
  • "Vesna has been my Naturopath for the last 10 years. I have celiac disease and simply avoiding wheat was not the solution, as I was still feeling lethargic and bloated. I saw several specialists, and there was no further diagnosis. A friend recommended Vesna. Vesna pointed out the right foods, developed a food plan and recommended natural medicines. She gave me the guidance to address my concerns which overall boosted my health and my energy levels. In just week one, I had more energy levels then ever! She is always there for me anytime I need her to answer to my health concerns. I am now much healthier than I used to be, thanks to Vesna".

    Roneeta Kumar Sydney, Australia
  • "My life was full of stress.....I worked 50+ hours a week, I had financial pressures, an unhealthy diet from being so time poor and it wasn't uncommon to wake up 2-3 times in the middle of the night. I felt tired and restless throughout the day, which affected every part of my life.....finally when my doctor decided to medicate me for anxiety I knew I had reached tipping point. I first connected with Vesna and I signed up to her program on the spot, within a few weeks I started to notice an improvement in my energy levels, mood and overall my anxiety decreasing...finally I had some clarity in my life. If you're serious about making changes you can be sure that Vesna will help you achieve your goals."

    Tasha Sain
    Tasha Sain Melbourne, Australia
  • "I knew I needed a big change in my life... Simply existing just wasn't doing it for me anymore. I needed some guidance to find my passions and start putting my dreams into actions. Since working with Vesna, I have found the confidence I thought I had lost, realised my passions, created a blog to help other women affected by sexual assault and been able to calm my mind. It's great to feel amazing again and have other people notice a difference to. I have that fire in my belly again and ready to take back the lead role in my life!  I highly recommend Vesna, she is professional, caring and has the ability to really zone in on what you truly want even if you have no idea....she will help you "step into the arena" and live out those hopes & dreams. Sometimes you need to invest in yourself and Vesna is the best investment you'll ever make!" 

    Hayley Patching
    Hayley Patching
  • "I am pinching myself to believe that my first consult with Vesna was only a few months ago. Since then, I have renewed energy, my skin is glowing, my tummy problems have eased and weight seems to be melting off!! I am even finding that I am able to eat, digest and enjoy foods I thought were a 'no go' zone for my tummy for the last 3 years! I loved that Vesna does her consults via Skype. As a busy woman running her own business I loved being able to tap into Vesna's caring and very informed consults from anywhere. So convenient and the results are a complete game changer for me, my life, my health and even my business."

    Paula Bailey
    Paula Bailey Paula Bailey Live
  • "Vesna has changed my life!! I noticed an instant change  in my energy, and mood swings. I noticed in the first week my libido went from flat to interested - being a working mum, I’m not used to this.  I can now leave the house happy, and not bloated and yuck!"

    Alyssha New Plymouth, New Zealand
  • "Biggest a-ha moment when I realised I put far too much energy into work and my mind drew a blank when it came to my goals, what I want and need to achieve personally. It made me think about myself, what I want, what I want to achieve and to make me set some long and short term I resigned from a high pressure job..I’ve taken another job with a new company but I’ve taken a different approach to it. No working through lunch, planning regular breaks and getting out into the sun during lunch time. I’m way more conscious of what I’m eating...I’ve changed my diet and noticed that the excess ‘fat’ has gone down..and I'm buying a size smaller in clothes"

    Jackie Holah
    Jackie Holah Project Manager
  • "My main challenge has been ongoing full on fatigue and issues associated with chronic fatigue. Heard about Vesna's program and decided it sounded like the right thing for me. I'm really happy with the program, since then I have more energy and ability to focus for longer"

    Jane Thompson Moa Bakery, Cakery New Zealand
  • "I have been fully on detox this week and have noticed tonnes more energy in day and sleepy at night" 

    Naomi Queensland, Australia
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed working with Vesna.

    Vesna’s passion for not only health but the mind-body connection is refreshing and effective as it is often the most overlooked.  It definitely makes all the difference! I highly recommend Vesna for anyone who finds themselves lost, stuck in a rut without direction or their health is holding them back from achieving their dreams.  Many of her thoughts and suggestions will continue to assist me with my choices and in my life going forward"

    Marissa Morrison Geelong, Victoria
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