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Biohack Your Weight Loss, While Eating More


If you struggle to lose weight or keep it off while eating healthy foods, then your metabolism needs a tune-up!

This is the most common thing I see in my work.

Women come to me who are already eating well and they've done things like paleo, anti-candida, sugar-free, low carb diets etc…

BUT they are still at the same weight OR more

You look at everything you eat in a day and think, there is no way I should be at this weight!

I remember being like that years ago! When I hit burnout my hormones were a mess and I gained about 10kg.

No matter what I ate it never came down.

I remember doing a weird detox that friends in the industry swore by, and that would definitely shift my weight – I actually GAINED weight!

I was disappointed in myself and embarrassed!

I've learnt a lot over the years about weight loss, from my own journey and that of my clients.

You're right in thinking that you shouldn't be at the weight you are…it's not just because of food.

It's what your body does with the food once we eat it:

  • Burn it off as energy OR
  • Store as body fat

Obviously, we want to burn it off! And use it to burn body fat off too. What controls this?

Your adrenals, liver and thyroid.

The major players in your metabolic burn rate. Your internal fire.

The same reason why skinny people stay skinny while eating junk sometimes – their internal fire, their metabolic burn rate is turned up HIGH.

I've found a simple way to hack our biology using everyday foods that repair metabolism and turn up your metabolic burn rate… making weight loss natural and sustainable.

….while eating 5-6 meals per day!

To find out how,  watch this quick training video

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  • Kerry

    I am post menopausal and have been an athlete all my life. I have had no trouble with weight up until now, and no matter what I do the fat stays.. I am a vegan and I do not eat any soy products or tempeh and my diet is what I deem to be very healthy however I do crave sugar and salt every now and the .. is this something you can help me with? Thank you

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