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Bloated and Sluggish? Detox Can Help

If you feel tired, sluggish, bloated, experience low moods or depression, anxiety, allergies, acne and excess weight.

I use detoxification program to help my clients shift their energy and excess weight FAST!

But I also use it to balance out their mood, esp if they are considering going onto medication for anxiety or depression. Why? Because most of our happy hormone, serotonin, is produced in the gut.

When you repair the gut, you repair your mood. Seriously! I've seen clients' personality change from a full detox!


Benefits of a detox

The purpose of a detox is to clear out toxins that build up otherwise these toxins will interfere with the normal function of our body.

Do you know where most of your toxins are stored?

The body hides it in our fat cells! I say hide because our body is super smart and toxins are placed here to protect us, moving it our of circulation where it can damage our organs, disrupt our balance and breakdown tissues. Toxins stored in fat is protective, but more toxins means we need more fat – think you know where I'm going with this.

Toxicity will increase body fat. This is why people experience weight loss during detoxification.

Fat cells are burnt off and the toxicity within them are released into the blood, the blood moves through the liver and all the impurities are cleanse out and dumped into the intestinal systems and flushed out.

This intricate process needs to be working properly for detox to be effective. Slow down any stage of this process, and we can't clear toxins out and build up occurs.


Where do toxins come from?

Toxins come from our food as pesticides, insecticides, food additives, plus we generate our own toxins as a by-product of metabolism. Prescription medication will also build up toxicity as well as alcohol, caffeine and recreational drugs.

Lack of sleep, excessive stress caused more toxicity and breaks down the detox pathways.

As you can guess, you can't escape toxins today.

Toxins are coming at us from everywhere. This is why detoxification is vital. It is because our body detoxifies that we can survive the bombardment of chemicals in the world today. Detoxification keeps us alive. Detoxification helps our body to heal itself, as it was designed to do.

If you feel symptoms of toxic overload, do your body a favour, support it to repair the key body systems. Here are my tips to kickstart your detox:


Detox 101


# 1: Remove the obvious: Junk foods, sweets, sugary foods, deep-fried or take away foods. Anything processed that no longer looks like it came from mother natures supermarket. All of these processed, refined and fatty foods slow down the digestive system and make the body focus on digesting food rather than detoxing the liver. Plus they contain toxins, so causing further breakdown to detox pathways.


# 2: Increase green veggies: they are nature's nutrient storehouses, jam packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants – super important for detoxing as they bind to toxins and flush them out of the body. Opt for organic or wash produce well to minimise exposure to pesticides.


# 3: Get to bed earlier: your body will detox while you sleep! Yep, your body is busy working to remove any toxins while you sleep, it also stimulates your immune system to fight off any nasties and restore digestive balance. We detox best when as rest, hence in the old days of ancient Greece people went to healing temples, forcing themselves to rest. But you can do this too – just go to bed 1/2- 1 hour earlier than usual, giving your body more time in detox mode.


# 4: Herbal Detox remedies: Herbal tea such as Dandelion root has a long history of detoxing the liver, plus its bitter which means it boosts digestive power. St Mary's thistle also works to protect liver cells that have been damaged from alcohol or drugs.


# 5: Clear out crap from your life: Detox is not just for your body, but your mind and life too. I've seen how stress effects the body, in fact, up to 90% of symptoms and chronic illness are caused or exacerbated by stress. I've had first hand experience with stress interfering with my health, and no matter how well I ate or detoxed my body – it wasn't enough until I cleaned up the mess in my life! Take an inventory, what is really toxic in your life – people, places, habits, thoughts and how can you eliminate them over the next couple of weeks. Get really clear about what's bringing you down.

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