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Do I have Chronic Fatigue? Adrenal Fatigue? I just want to feel better


One of the things I hear all the time is, do I have chronic fatigue? adrenal fatigue? Do I have burnout? I don't know, I just want to feel better!

If you wake up in the morning and you feel more tired than what you did before you went to bed.

You kind of struggle through the day, you need a lot of coffee to keep you going.

Maybe some sugar, maybe at night you need wine to unwind.

You've got brain fog, you're gaining weight that you can't seem to shift no matter what you do.

And perhaps you feel anxious or your moods are kind of up and down, or you feel depressed.

These are really common symptoms with the adrenal fatigue and burnout.

Forget about the label of adrenal fatigue or burnout because what those symptoms show is the side effects of long-term stress.

Regardless of whether you have that or not, if you've been in a stressful situation for six months, 12 months, a year, you will have some side effects of that stress and the excessive release of stress hormones on our body and on our other hormones, on our metabolism, on our brain chemistry, on our mood ect.

One of the things that I always say, you know one of the most important things to look at with excessive stress or unmanaged stress is to look at what is at the heart of the problem?

What is driving that for you?

And I know a lot of the times we can look at our to-do list, we can look at our job, we can look at our kids, we can look at our partners or something like that but there's a lot of things in our day-to-day routine that can be creating stress for us that have nothing to do with the above.

And so just things like, how we're eating, the food choices that we make, whether it creates more inflammation in our body, whether it's nutritionally deficient food, which will put our body under more stress, if we're missing meals, we're fasting too much. We shouldn't be fasting when we're very stressed. So a lot of those things can be driving more stressful hormones in our body. And so one of the things that I often get women to look at, is what is, what are your stress triggers?

The most common one honestly is this, our mind is never at rest. We're overthinking,  constant analysing, where we're always living in the future, you know we're anxious, we're trying to prevent problems from happening or looking at scenarios that could go wrong. We always feel like things can go wrong.

Perfectionism, and uncertainty about the future is a big driver of stress for a lot people.  Plus FOMO, it's a real thing.

Some of these are triggers for stress. And so it's really important to have a look at them and instead of just blaming it on, you know getting older or our to-do list and things like that.

They found now, through studies that, when we have a negative thought from 30 seconds to three minutes – a very short amount of time, it will actually start to change a bio-chemistry in our body. It will trigger epigenetic changes. It will start to change our profile, or our hormones and our insulin (and weight).

That's quite a dramatic effect when you think about it. If you just have a thought, negative thought or stressful thought for like 30 seconds to three minutes, and I can imagine for a lot of people, and I hear this all the time, they feel like they're are in that state all the time, 24/7.

But the opposite of that is when you have a positive thought, it will actually reverse all of those, all of those negative effects.

Our thinking really really plays a big part on our hormones, our stress and the way that we feel and whether we can shift weight or not shift weight, because when our stress hormones are activated, our body is NOT going burn body fat!

It part our survival mechanism, we don't need to be shading weight or reproducing, when we are in a stress response. So weight issues, infertility, etec can become an issue if we're stressed all the time.

The other thing that's really important, whether or not you have adrenal fatigue, is to understand that excessive stress overtime will breakdown your key systems in the body, causing us to feel tired all the time, causing us to feel anxious and stressed permanently, and have brain fog and weight gain, to have a poor sleep,  no libido – all these things that impacted with long-term stress and key systems that have been broken down.

So it's not enough to just chuck some supplements down your throat, you know maybe have a green juice, eat some more kale, it's just not enough,  we need to repair those key systems.

I'm going to talk about these key systems in a lot more detail in my upcoming workshop this week. I'll show you what's going on for you, what's are these key systems, what is the impact and what you need to do, to repair them. Join here: 

I'm giving key things that you can do immediately to shift your energy, to shift your mood, to shift your stress levels, to shift your weight, whether or not you have adrenal fatigue or not.  I hope to see there:


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    Would have loved to be apart of your webinar. Unfortunately i was unable to login from the link provided. Despite trying 15min earlier. I can only assume that this webinar is a very popular and seats filled extremely quickly.

    Is there any other up coming dates in the near future?

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