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Coronavirus: Prevention & Treatment With Herbal & Nutritional Medicines

Hi everyone, I wanted to share what I'm doing for myself, family members and clients to strengthen immune surveillance against the virus and treatment options if infected.

Coronavirus is very similar to SARS. We know how to treat SARS so it gives a lot of insight into treating Coronavirus.


** NOTE: If you're taking any prescription medication – check with your Doctor or Pharmacist before taking the below **


Herbal Medicines to support immunity:

1. Andrographis:

Boosts immunity for prevention, and restrains virus replication. It is a powerful anti-viral used in the treatment and reduction of influenza, plus it's anti-inflammatory.

I'm taking Bioceuticals Armaforce: 1 twice daily

You can also get Armaforce of juniors, and pregnancy.


2. Echinacea:

One of the best immune herbs – it supports a healthy immune response, increases the activity of our white blood cells, and immune surveillance for viruses.

You can take this separately. There is Echinacea in Armaforce.


3. Curcumin

This would be included as part of the treatment plan. As Corona is similar to SARS, inflammation is a huge part of the illness. Curcumin will reduce the inflammatory response.


Nutritionals to support immunity


1. Vitamin C

This is one of the heavyweights, it protects against viruses and also used in the treatment of viral infection, esp respiratory infections.

There is an abundance of clinical research to show

Vitamin C's anti-viral effects when used in sufficient quantities around 3,000mg daily in divided doses.

Ascorbic acid is the best form.

If you get diarrhea at this dose, you can reduce it.

I'm taking over 5,000mg morning and night.

I use Bioceuticals ‘Ultra Potent C' powder. This has almost 2.5gms per serve.

Vitamin C empowers the immune system and dentures viruses. It's been used against the Bird Flu and other viruses:


2. Zinc & Selenium:

Zinc is used to fight infections. And Selenium:

Dr. Damien Downing says: “Swine flu, bird flu and SARS (another coronavirus) all developed in selenium-deficient areas of China; Ebola and HIV in Selenium-deficient areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. This is because the same oxidative stress that causes us inflammation forces viruses to mutate rapidly in order to survive. ‘When Selenium deficient virus-infected hosts were supplemented with dietary Selenium, viral mutation rates diminished and immunocompetence improved.'”

If you're hypothyroid or have Hashimoto's – you may be low in these. Most of us are today because our soils are so depleted.



3. Gut Microbiome:

There is more than enough evidence now to show that gut health impacts our immunity – it defends against pathogens of all kinds.

Clean up your diet.

Remove sugar, wheat, and dairy – known gut disruptors.

Take a good probiotic with Lactobacillus Rhamnosus.


4. Nervous System:

And most importantly, keep calm and don't allow your mind to get carried away with what ‘could be'.

When we're stressed and anxious, it's shuts down our immune system and immune surveillance.

Hope this was helpful and stay safe everyone

Much love,


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