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End The Year With More Energy & Less Weight, So you Can Be Merry

It’s that time of the year where the social calendar is full of parties, get togethers, work holiday drinks, and dinners.

Overindulgence in food, alcohol and late nights can make it hard to keep your energy high and weight down. Not to mention stress levels are most likely at their peak with end of year deadlines, planning for 2020 and the last minute Christmas shopping.


How to avoid the xmas slump and frump


  1. Eat mindfully

This means, don’t go into an eating ‘trance’.

Really enjoy what you’re eating and pay attention to all the flavours in your meal, in order to do this you actually need to slow your eating down.

Mindful eating is being aware we're actually eating and not lost in conversation that we don't realise we've inhaled 10 canapés without the satisfaction of a meal.

It’s takes up to 20mins for your brain to register that you are full….so…we need to slow down.

Put the fork down between mouthfuls. Grab one canapé at a time, look at each bite and chew like you’re savouring every mouthful.

You will find you eat less and enjoy your meals more.


  1. Don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach


When drinking on an empty stomach, alcohol travels straight to the bloodstream. While this means you will drink less the downside is when alcohol levels rise, we lose control of our behaviour and generally eat more. And it doesn’t take long for this to happen, about 20% of alcohol passes through the stomach and hits the brain within a minute.

Grab something to eat before you take that first sip! Have a snack before you head out, or hold off on drinking until your meal arrives.


  1. Eat till your satisfied…


Christmas meals are usually a belly buster, at my place anyway.  It’s fairly common to let all restraint go during this time, and just ho into everything until you feel sick. And just when you stomach makes a little bit of room, the pavlova or cheese cake is calling you..again.

To avoid overeating, remind yourself that it's not your last supper and it’s not the only time of the year to indulge. You won't be missing out if you skip the second plate, or second slice of cake.

A cool little trick I learnt years ago to stop my xmas binge eating was to notice when I was satisfied…generally this escapes us.

About half- way through your meal, notice if the next mouthful is as enjoyable as the first, if not, you're done.

Do this and you’ll realise you need a lot less to feel satisfied. And if you’re worried you’ll be hungry, you can always eat again later.


  1. Hold back on the sugar


This is the one ingredient that will make you most tired. The high sugar content of cake, biscuits, alcohol, chocolate, sweets, ice-cream, desserts etc, will cause your energy (and emotions) to go up and down like a yo-yo.

Where you can, keep it to a minimal. Have only one dessert a day (if at all).


  1. Drink a lot more water than usual


Drink 2+ litres daily, especially if you’re drinking alcohol and feeling tired the next day. Water will hydrate your body but also flush out toxicity from the night before.

Drink water or mineral water between alcoholic drinks to keep hydrated and act as a spacer. In the morning, drink 500mls as soon as you wake up with lemon juice.


  1. Keep active


This is no time to abandon your exercise routine. Even if you’ve had a late night or over-indulged, wake up and hit the gym, walk, run, or do yoga.

Sweating is a great way to stimulate detoxification and exercise will boost your endorphin levels and you’ll feel healthy again.

When you feel healthy you will naturally make healthier choices.

It’s when we feel lethargic, frumpy and generally just gross that we'll tend to go for comfort food and then it’s a downward spiral from there.

No matter what you eat or drink, keep up your exercise routine.


Above all else enjoy this time of the year!


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