Feeling Over It? Energy Inventory - Vesna Hrsto

Feeling Over It? Energy Inventory

Feeling over it?

Want a run away from everything?
Take a 2 month holiday?
Quit your job? 
If you're feeling over it, find out where you're losing energy the most – take the energy inventory
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  • Kelly Duncan

    Hi, I watched your video webinar on Sunday, I had to leave and it had 13 minutes to go. You promised that you would send the slides that you went through and a 7 day program for us to follow and trial. I have not received any of this? Is thst because I couldn’t make the last 13 minutes?

    • vesna2

      Hi Kelly – check your spam folder, sometimes it lands in there. If not, email us at support@vesnahrsto.com.au and we’ll send it across. Hope you enjoyed the webinar xx

  • Jacqui

    Same situation as Kelly, except I’ve already checked spam folder and haven’t received anything.

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