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Gained weight at your new job?

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Have you gained weight since starting your new job? And no matter what you do, you cannot shift it.

One of the things that can happen is that if you're working in a fast paced stressful environment, you might be working back late and making poor food choices at night.

Maybe you're going out drinking more often.

Perhaps you go all day without eating and then when you get home you could just eat the entire pantry and not be satisfied.

Or lots of cravings during the day where you're always making a trip to the kitchen at work to get another tea and biscuit. Or an afternoon chocolate run.

These can affect your metabolisma and weight over-time.

You've probably tried eating less and exercising more, but the weight doesn't budge.

Meanwhile, you look at all the clothes in your wardrobe you can't wear anymore…and you don't want to throw away because you want to get into them again.


Getting your metabolism back online 

The metabolism breaks down due to stress, food, toxicity, and more.

If you've been stressed for a while, whether due to work commitments or an imbalance in your life  – I know when it gets busy,we cut corners on our self-care and everything becomes about work, our responsibilities and our demands. We forget to look after ourselves, right?

Our body has two sources of fuel – glucose or fat. When we're stressed, working hard to meet deadlines, pushing through on our lunch break,  working back late, etc, our body needs glucose.

While we're in a stress response, our body needs glucose for survival, to keep you alive basically.

During long bouts of stress our blood glucose levels drop.So in order to keep us alive, our body needs to refuel our ‘glucose fuel tank'.

That's when we get cravaings for foods which nourish the glucose levels – carbohydrates, sugary/ sweet foods, salty rich carb foods etc.

Unfortantely, we're ony burning glucose not body fat for fuel.

Body fat gives us a really high source of energy that lasts all day long. But in order to burn body fat, we need to be relaxed.

The first key system to get our metabolism back on line, is our adrenals.

Our adrenals are part of our stress response system. When our adrenals and body are relaxed it tells our body that it's safe to burn body fat for fuel.

Regardless of even if you don't want to lose weight, we all want to be burning our body fat for fuel because it's such a good source of energy.

Therefore, we need to relax the adrenals – don't miss any meals during the day. Keep your meals regular and mak better food choices during the day. I always say, the way that you start the day is the way that you're going to end the day. So if you start the day with a really sugary cereal in the morning, then you're going to have cravings for the rest of the day.

The second key system that's important to get our metabolism back online, is the liver.

The liver is important because it breaks down fats, activates our hormones like our thyroid hormone which is important for our metabolism. And it also helps to clear toxicity out of the body.

Once we have a build up of toxicity we're naturally going to carry more body weight. So we want to make sure that the liver is able to detoxify well.

We can clear out all the toxins and the body fat with it.

The third key system that's really important is the thyroid.

The thyroid is the queen of our metabolism, it's what helps us to burn fat while we're asleep, while we're awake, it's kind of burning fat all day long. But we need to make sure that we have proper nutrition for the thyroid.

So, if this is you, if you're feeling like, no matter what you do your weight won't budge – then repair these three key systems.

I'm going to talk a lot more about this in an upcoming workshop that I'm doing this week.

I'm going to talk about energy, about mood, and I'm going to talk about metabolism. I'll share more about those key systems and how we can influence them with certain foods.

How we can use more carbohydrates to help influence and bring our metabolism back on line by eating more carbohydrates but in a certain strategic way.

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