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Getting Past ‘Okay’

On Sunday morning I woke up and my mind was filled with possibilities of where I would go, even travel plans…

….and then we were told we're staying in lockdown.


I know those of you outside of Melbourne are feeling stuck or stressed right now too.

I've had clients interstate say there is a weird feeling of “life is on hold” or  “there is no hope” or “I just want life to go back to normal”.

So I wanted to do something different this week.

Instead of R U Ok day….

I'm holding a group call on zoom called “getting past okay”

For those who are feeling “okay” but just going through the motions.

And for those who are struggling with anxiety, overwhelm or low moods.  

On this call I'll share:

  • How to ease the mental struggle associated with changes in our job, finances, or at home, so you feel more alive in the moment
  • Nutrition for brain optimisation – foods that impact mood + what to avoid
  • Ask Vesna!  Q&A where you can ask me something specific for your needs


All you need to do is register:

Then you'll receive an email with login details.

See you there.


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