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Introducing The Buh-Bye Burnout Program

Buh-Bye Burnout is a proven, clinically tested 6 week program to restore your energy, elevate your mood and repair your metabolism to lose weight.

Even if you're tried all the right things before (or not), this program gets to the heart of the problem and guides you with step-by-step plans

When You Join Buh-Bye Burnout, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Intro: The Finisher Formula

Learn how to be a 100% finisher of this program, you'll overcome the mental roadblocks that sabbotage our ability to follow-through with any health changes, so you finish this program and anything else you commit to.

Module 1: 10 Day Total Body Reset

Kickstart your results and feel better within 10 days

  • Simple strategies to double your energy in the first week 
  • Overcome ‘bad’ days without having a blow-out with key mindset hacks, not willpower
  • Begin to shift your body into fat burning mode
  • ROADMAP: Get to the heart of the problem through lab tests and diagnostic tools, map out your 6 week plan to REVITALISED!

Module 2: More Energy, Better Sleep, Faster Metabolism

Adrenal Reset Plan

  • 28-Day system to restore your adrenals, repair your metabolic burn rate to lose weight, and restore your energy so you wake up refreshed on top of things
  • Meal plans that include what to eat & what to avoid – common ‘saboteurs’ that undo all your good work 
  • Reset your central clock, reclaim your sleep cycles & activate self-healing systems
  • Strategic food cycling to slash your stress load 

Module 3: Off the Highs & Lows Rollercoaster

Say hello to emotionally BALANCED YOU!

  • Get off the blood glucose rolercoaster to reduce cravings, balance your emotions and all day energy (no 3pm slump!) 
  • Repair glucose levels for mental energy, focus and clarity 
  • Reduce insulin resistance – bye-bye tummy fat!
  • Discover your unique ‘Stress fingerprint’ & recover from the side-effects when reducing stress isn't an option

Module 4: Reclaim Your Mood & Motivation

Heal Your Gut, Heal You Mood (and life!)

  • Hit the stop button on overwhelm and chronic anxiety, so you can enjoy your one BIG precious life 
  • Reduce inflammation that inflames the brain to improve tolerance to stress, heal anxiety, depression and brain fog. 
  • No more bloating (like you’re pregnant), & improve nutrient absorption 
  • Restore Microbiome to improve mood balance and immunity

Module 5: Coming Clean Liver Rescue +Metabolic Flexibility

Liver rescue to repair a broken metabolism, clear toxins and reshape your body. 

  • Repair liver detox pathways to clear out toxins, reduce irritability, muscle pain, & activate thyroid hormones 
  • Final stage of metabolic repair, increase fat burning – not just calories, carbs and exercise!
  • Improve your liver's abilty to store fuel/energy for later
  • Plus, we'll remove the hormonal hijackers making us tired, fat & depressed
  • Simple 7-day liver rescue plan for busy women

Module 6: Happy Hormone Plan

Get the Herbal Doctors medicine Kit to accelerate results

  • Adrenal & Thyroid recovery plan with clinical proven supplement strategies for reversing adrenal stress 
  • Discover the ‘missing’ thyroid support needed for proper function, even if you're taking medication 
  • Learn specific nutrients to heal PMS, metabolic issues, nervous system, sleep disorders etc
  • Plus, you’re ongoing maintenance plan 

Throughout the program you will be ‘habit stacking’ so that everything you’ve implemented becomes your new normal 

Here's a summary of everything you get

This is not your ‘typical’ program. We provide you with everything you need to be successful

This Complete 6 Week Buh-Bye Burnout Program

Reverse burnout, restore your energy, elevate your mood and repair your metabolism, so you can look & feel like your best self ($1997 value)

Access To The Buh-Bye Burnout Private Community


This is not a cookie-cutter program, there may be a window of adjustment and some challenges to move through, that's where the group comes in. You can ask questions, make adjustments and move through challenges. You will have support, encouragement and accountability the whole time.

($397 value)

Access To The 'Vault' Support Portal

Access to cutting-edge personal development support, with 20 bonus videos to deal with any roadblocks that come up along the way. As one student said “love these bonus videos, any roadblocks or questions I have in my head just keep getting answered

($197 value)


Exclusive Recipes, Meal Plans & Shopping Lists

Delicious, easy to prepare (and with any budget), the recipes are designed to take the guess-work and decision-making out of getting your energy and spark back! You have the choice between simple or structured plans to follow, both work so it's up to you!

Over 30 exclusive recipes and 40+ day meal plan including detox plans!  Includes plans for vegans and vegetarians and a special gut & liver section section for pregnant and breast-feeding mums

($147 value)

Bonus #1: Chaos To Calm

Get to the heart of your stress, the root cause that's driving the changes in your body and mind.  Self-care practices to re-wire your nervous system to stress-less & live more, such as the '15mins of awesomeness' and ‘soul vitamins'.

Discover how to live an authentic life – not a ‘default' life ($147 value)

Bonus #2: Awaken Your Passion

Passion and burnout exist on opposite ends of the spectrum, in burnout – our passion burns out too. Passion is an expression of our life force, finding our passion can change our energy literally overnight!

Discover the ‘secret' GIFT of burnout, how to awaken your passion or find a new passion – in either work or life.

($97 value)

Bonus #3: Align Series

Reduce 80% of stress – mental and emotional stress are our biggest trigger for hormonal imbalances. Our thoughts impact our body, behaviour and life! In this audio series you'll learn how to get on top of it, learn how to know the difference between fear vs worry. You'll use the power of the mind to overcome anxiety, worry and stress to feel more joy and aliveness in everything you do.  flow.

($197 value)

 This offer expires SOON!


$497 One Time (save $97) or

2 Payments of $297

Student Testimonials

10 x Energy, No Anxiety or Brain fog. Lost weight after years of low-carb/ keto diets

Too tired to work, Melanie had to take time out. Now she's working, exercising, has no more anxiety or fibromyalgia pain

Angela is per-menopause, tried keto, cleanses, and supplements but felt worse. Now she has more energy, less pain and sleeps well 


From exhausted, not wanting to ‘mother' anymore and almost depressed, Now more energy, happy, lost 8kg, and no more anxiety

From go-getter to not being able to get off the couch! Now back to her old self, happy, lots of energy, dropped 1 dress size and calmer better mum

Allison felt terrible with Hashimotos for 10 years – now sleeping well, no brain fog, lost weight – down 2 dress sizes, and feels calm 

Kathleen was moody, anxious and couldn't lose weight – now lost weight, energy to exercise, acne cleared up, no more anxiety

Leanne was exhausted and had chronic gut issues – now more energy within 3 days, exercising daily, gut issues healed, waking refreshed  

Rosie struggled with chronic fatigue syndrome – now more energy, exercising daily

Marta lives in Finland, she struggled with low energy and losing weight. She lost weight, has more energy and productivity at work

More energy, lost 6kg and pain free after spending years and $$$ on Doctors who told her it was just part of getting older

So much energy her kids can't keep up with her! 

 This offer expires SOON!


$497 One Time (save $97) or

2 Payments of $297

 This offer expires SOON!


$497 One Time (save $97) or

2 Payments of $297


Can I afford this?

It's important to evaluate it based on the value and specific results you will receive from it, not purely what it ‘costs'.

Every BBB member has found more energy, calm & clarity. But more than that, they have reduced fat around their belly, thus, reducing insulin resistance, diabesity (a pre-diabetic state related to obesity) and fatty liver.

It's improved (even saved) women's relationships with their partners; improved patience and presence they have with their children, producitivity at work and confidence in themselves.

They rebalanced their hormones for health and energy. Balanced their mood, eliminated brain fog completely, banished cravings, stabilised sugar levels, improved sleep and were generally happier with their reflection….even LOVING looking at themselves in the mirror and in photos!

My situation is quite unique, will this work for me?

Whether you struggle with fatigue, overwhelm, anxiety or weight that won't budge, the underlying problem is the same – you need to reset your systems, reduce your stress and create routines that nourish you.

Hormonal issues, sleep deprivation, anxiety, sweet tooth, lack of discipline, lifetime of bad habits, high stress, other health issues…all of your symptoms will improve through the dietary changes in the Buh Bye Burnout program.

It's low-allergenic and anti-inflammatory, meaning it helps every condition known to mankind (every condition or disease has inflammation at its core)

Can't I just work this out on my own?

Sure!  But here's the difference.  It's going to be a whole lotta blood, sweat and tears.  

The reason many women struggle to feel good and lose weight is that they are clinging to an out-dated model of restrictive eating or cutting food groups and not addressing the heart of the problem. With Buh-Bye Burnout, you will not only learn a proven formula of cutting edge ‘biohacking' strategies to energise your body and accelerate weight loss, you'll also become a member of a community of like-minded women so you don't have to do it all on your own anymore.  It's so much more fun this way.

Join BUH-BYE BURNOUT and experience what a proven formula can do for your happiness 

It sounds great, but I think I want to implement a few things before I start

It has been our experience that when women have implemented changes in their diet before joining the program once they discover our strategies always wish that they had had our guidance earlier on.

Whether you decide to do this now or later – you will have to do this! Why not feel like your best now?
With expertise, specific step-by-step solutions on best dietary and lifestyle practices, you will get where you want to be faster and with more ease and joy.

Receive expert strategies that will save you so much time and money (and sleepless nights)

I'm not sure whether this is the right decision for me right now, should I wait until later?

It's natural to feel this way when you're about to make a big decision. The question really is, are you happy with where you are right now with your body, weight and life?

If you believe in your heart that your health has the potential to impact your happiness, on how you feel everyday in work and even with your family – there is no time like the present to start making it happen!

The only thing between where you want to be and where you are now are the actions we take.

By committing to a program that gives you the most sophisticated system, you are choosing to take action in the right direction.
Click here to join Buh Bye Burnout today at the BEST EVER RATE and receive the BEST EVER BONUS BUNDLE!

How time-consuming is the food prep? And is it expensive food?

The program uses everyday foods, and works with any budget.

The meal prep depends on you, we give you 2 options:

  1. Meal plans with recipes and shopping lists OR
  2. Follow the guidelines

Both work! We never had the structured plans before but others like it so we now have both.

Have a look at our Pinterest boards for some ideas , but we have our own exclusive recipes because not all ingredients here aren't suitable:


Pregnant or breastfeeding - can I still do the program?

Yes you can! We have special gut repair and detox guidelines for mums or those planning a pregnancy.


Yes the program helps with peri-menopause or menopause

What if I can't change the stress around me?

This program is designed to repair your energy, mood and metaoblism without having to quit your job, get divorced or take a 3 month holiday (unless you really want to):

"How Do I know this will work for me?"

The Buh-Bye Burnout protocol has been tested and proven successful for over 10 years, both in clinical practice and within our online community. So we are confident that if you make the decision to fully embrace what is possible, you will see results.

If you’re ready to make a serious commitment to change, then let me personally assure you of this: the strategies in this program will work for nearly everyone. There may be a window of adjustment and some challenges to move through, but that’s where the community support we offer comes in. You’re not doing this on your own, you will have support, encouragement and accountability the whole time.

"I can't start right away. How long do i have access for?"

You can start at anytime, you can work at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the program so there is no rush to complete.

You can repeat the program again if you like, and participate in the yearly group detox.

How much are the supplements? Are there other additional costs?

We recommend supplements for the gut repair and liver detox protion of the program – only 2 weeks! We also have plans for those who want to do it without supplements for whatever reasons.

You have access to online ordering for supplements and receive a 10% discount

Blood Testing Questions

We give you a list of recommended blood tests, a verbal script of exactly what to say so that you get the results you need.  In Australia this is covered under Medicare.

Blood testing is optional – it's not required to get results within the program. Some women live in rural areas and don't have access to a local doctor for miles, or for other reasons don't have the tests – they had the same results as other women by following the strategy laid out in Buh-Bye Burnout.

If you prefer to pay and do it yourself, we have a list of places online that we suggest.

Can I do this if I'm on medication for thyroid, anxiety, and/or depression?

Yes you can! We ask that you work withyour doctor to make any adjustments to your meds as you start to feel better on the program. Also consult with your Doctor or Pharmacist if you're unsure.

What if I have another condition like CFS, Fibromyalgia or Hashimotos?

The foundation of healing adrenal fatigue and burnout, are the foundation of healing almost every condition because it wil turn off the stress response and activate self-healing systems, repair the gut (source of systemic inflammation) and repair liver and detoxifiy. Plus, it includes self-care and nourishing habits for mind and body.

Women who joined the program have found their Fibromyagia pain disappeared, as it's linked with stress and thyroid.

We cover Hashimotos within the program.

CFS and adrenal fatigue are virtually the same treatment.


Dietary plans - vegan? dairy free?

We have plans for  vegans and vegetarians. There are gluten-free and dairy free plans. If you have a specific food allergy, you can simply omit that food from the recipes OR you can always ask us in the private community.

Can my partner/ husband do the program as well?

Of course! In fact, we recommend it. Men also get adrenal fatigue and benefit from a total body reset.

The only difference is when we talk about female homornes and PMS – but that's self-explanatory!

Other question we haven't answered?

Email us at and ask us. Or use the Facebook icon bottom-right corner to ask a question right now (image)

Can I do the program if I'm doing IVF

Yes! We have a special section for new mums (or mum's to be) for the gut and liver repair section of the program for you to follow. When we're stressed, the fight-or-flight response shuts down our reproductive system because we're in survival mode, following the Buh-Bye Burnout program will switch off this response thus naturally improving fertility.

What about intermittent fasting?

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