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Did you know that feeling stressed, tired & gaining weight as you get older is NOT normal?

Does this sound like you?

Feel TIRED all the time?

Rundown or Exhausted. Lost your Mojo, your joie de vivre

Anxious or Overwhelmed during the day?

Wake up overwhelmed or rush and running on adrenalin

Accidentally Overweight?

Unexplained weight gain esp around the middle

Brain Fog?

Lack mental sharpness or focus, shiny object syndrome

Here's where you're currently stuck

  • YOU HAVE TRIED ALL THE ‘RIGHT' THINGS – Smoothies, Carb-free, Cleanses, Goat Yoga Classes & not seen results
  • YOU HAVE NO TIME –  to spend all night in the kitchen or hours in the gym!
  • YOU HATE DIETS AND LOVE WINE – waiting for the “right time” when you can put your life on hold!
  • FRUSTRATION AND DOUBT – Nothing has worked for you in the past or been sustainable

Feel like you’ve done it all and nothing made any difference?

Service an

Constant fatigue, stress/ overwhelm & weight gain are part of bigger picture, one that has very little to do with diet and exercise.

I’m not saying that eating well and moving your body aren’t important, but if you’ve already tried that and you’re not seeing results it’s likely that you’re one of the millions of women currently suffering unknowingly from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.

And no amount of crazy diets and punishing exercise routines are going to make any difference.

This is the story I've seen again and again, in fact, its one I’ve experienced myself.

Fact: Did you know that diet, exercise & supplements are pretty much useless until you address the real problems first!

Hi, I’m Vesna

How I went from burnt out, miserable, vitamin-popping naturopath, to feeling someone took the lid off & life had just began

Many years ago, when I started working as a naturopath, I felt terrible.But like most people, I thought it was because I had a million things to do each day. I struggled to get out of bed every morning, no matter how much I slept, I was always tired.

Over 5 years I had tried everything to fix myself.

I took supplements to get rid of my bloating, because I always looked about five months pregnant. I repaired my leaky gut, did hardcore liver detoxification programs and followed bowel cleansing procedures. I cut out gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, and nuts. I quit sugar then carbs. I ate more plant foods….meditated under a tree in the moonlight (almost!).  All it did was make me miserable and anxious, but not better.

I realised there was a missing piece to the puzzle. No matter what I tried from my naturopathic toolkit, it didn’t make a difference until I counteracted the stress in my life, then my health bounced back naturally & easily.

I’ve dedicated the last 7 years to understanding the effects of stress on the body and discovering how this can be, not just managed, but overcome!

I’ve seen how each of us have unique ‘triggers’ in our daily life that initiate illness, switch off self-healing systems, disrupt our hormones and cause more stress and  unhappiness. Until they are identified, then the process of recovery becomes a long (and expensive) one, if at all.

My approach is simple, fad-free and no there is no BS, my method incorporates Body, Mind and your Spirit!




Over the next 6 weeks I will teach you the simple and stress-free system to kickstart your metabolism, rebalance your hormones, get your spark back so you can feel and look like your best self.

Getting to the heart of the problem & following a proven step-by-step system is the best medicine

Alyssha Short New Zealand

Instant Change In Energy & Mood Swings

Vesna has changed my life!! I noticed an instant change in my energy, and mood swings. I noticed in the first week my libido went from flat to interested - being a working mum, I’m not used to this. I can now leave the house happy, and not bloated and yuck!


Wake up with more energy and that lasts all day (even after work) and without the highs & lows.

Shed unwanted kilos, esp around the abdomen, keep your metabolic burn rate high and create a lean fit body

No more cravings for sugar, processed carbs or salty foods AND eating to truly nourish your body & soul

Banished bloating to reveal your flat tummy, relieve constipation, and detoxified your tissues making your skin glow and body feel lighter

Successfully repaired your metabolism so it’s burning food and turning it into energy (not fat on your belly or butt)

Balanced hormones so you go from chaotic to calm (or from irritable/ sad to happy) and feel like your best self again

Plus, built healthy routines into your schedule, so that day in and day out you stay grounded and vital for years to come


From Previous Students Of The Program



Working 50+ hrs, Insomnia & Anxiety meds

My life was full of stress.....I worked 50+ hours a week, I had financial pressures, an unhealthy diet from being so time poor and it wasn't uncommon to wake up 2-3 times in the middle of the night. I felt tired and restless throughout the day, which affected every part of my life.....finally when my doctor decided to medicate me for anxiety I knew I had reached tipping point.

I first connected with Vesna and I signed up to her program on the spot... I started to notice an improvement in my energy levels, mood and overall my anxiety decreasing...finally I had some clarity in my life.

Tasha Sain IT Manager, Melbourne

From overwhelmed & exhausted to confident

I was stressed, overwhelmed, feeling exhausted and lethargic. Vesna provided simple nutritional guidance that is easy to follow and her holistic program reduced my stress levels markedly. I was able to return to my business 2 weeks after giving birth, to an extremely busy period for a couple of months....Now I'm able to back off work, enjoy my children, feel more energy than I have in close to a decade. I feel confident that I will have the energy to play with my boys in the years to come and not have that overwhelming feeling again!

Claire Moyles Director/ Accountant

Eased 22 years of anxiety

Running a business for 22 years and having a 9 year old and a 3 year old, I got to a point where I was extremely overwhelmed. My anxiety levels were high every day and I felt caught in a trap of just trying to keep anxiety levels are so much better, I have put in place things to create more ease in my life and time for myself. Vesna helped me to create a new way to look at things and to live, and I am in a much better place now

Kylie Studio Director

What will you learn?



ROADMAP: Get to the heart of the problem through diagnostic tests and assessment tools, map out your 6 week plan to feel fully REVITALISED


Repair your metabolism, reboot up your energy & vitality using functional foods


NO MORE HIGHS & LOWS: Learn which foods heal your hormones, balance your energy, and can give you a good nights sleep


Banish bloating & lift your mood
Who doesn't want a flat tummy! Repair the gut to banish belly bloating and release blissful happy hormones produced in the gut (our second brain, yes, in the gut)


Hormones from our environment cause havoc in us (insert moody, sad,
cranky & fat). Get rid of these hormonal hijackers via liver detoxification and wake up a sluggish system


Through the power of beautiful herbal medicines you'll learn exact remedies to speed up healing of adrenal and thyroid glands to elevate your life force energy and repair your metabolism.


Bust through stress with simple strategies to feel cool and calm! Remove the energy leaks for your life.
Set up soul nourishing routines and moments of pure awesomeness in your daily life to keep you balanced amongst the chaos.


You will learn how to build resilience and overcome life's curveballs gracefully all through the power of Mind! Expect to feel more at peace with life & excited about the future as you learn to create time freedom and balance.


You will be supported throughout your journey back to vitality, this community is here to get you on track and keep you there. Community is online to answer questions and a place to share your struggles and wins..judgement free!


6 week step-by-step program ($2000)

Buh-Bye Burnout Online Training Portal with videos, step-by-step guides and done for you resources ($997)

Private Facebook Group ($297)

OVER $3294 OF VALUE!!!!

FACT: As toxicity builds up in our bodies overtime it prevents fat loss, so even if you eat a 1200 calorie diet you won't lose weight until you detoxify your body (the right way)

What others are saying…..


Lost 13kg while eating more

My health goal was to lose weight which I had previously struggled with. I lost over 13kg. Vesna has a very positive and calming nature which she transfers to her clients. I can’t recommend her highly enough

Lin Morris Teacher, Sydney

More energy, less hours at work, lost 5kg & no more PMS

I doubled my energy in just 4 days..that was just in the first week. I now work less hours, and that's a miracle, feel I have more boundaries...and I'm now more available to my work, my family & friends. I've lost 5 kgs easily and mood is more stable. Plus, I have no more PMS or menstrual pain, which is amazing!

Kim Victoria Director 8Group

Renewed energy, glowing skin & weight melting off

I have renewed energy, my skin is glowing, my tummy problems have eased and weight seems to be melting off!! I am even finding that I am able to eat, digest and enjoy foods I thought were a 'no go' zone for my tummy for the last 3 years... the results are a complete game changer for me, my life, my health and even my business

Paula Bailey Founder of The Sassy CEO

Let's do this! join me now

It's Finally Time To Take Charge Of Your Health and Start Being Your Best Self


……another fad diet, or crazy restrictive protocol where you can only eat kale every 7 1/2 hours

…or wake up at 3am and meditate while ingesting a fist full of expensive supplements and never being allowed to eat anything fun ever again!

….. no quick fix or magic pill formula (that never actually works anyway) 

…..not some crazy tea that's going to have you running to the toilet

I want you to feel better. I want you to Enjoy Your Life – and none of these things are going to do that for you

got questions? get answers!

Who is this course for?

Anyone who has been tired and rundown for so long they can't remember the last time they felt themselves.

Women who are sick of trying to “manage” their anxiety, stress or frantic life

For those who have tried all the diets and regimes, but their weight doesn't come off (super annoying!)

Don't feel happy, bubbly or vibrant like you used to, and you know something is up, even though your blood tests results show “healthy”

If you're feeling any of these and it's affecting your life – this program is for you.

who is this course NOT for?

Those looking for a quick fix or magic pill formula. Sorry, there is none of that over here, real results and lasting change doesn't come from a magic pill.

But if you're ready to take charge of your health, then this program is for you.

How is the course delivered?

The program runs over 8 weeks and each week we will release a new module with video, mp3,  guidelines and worksheets.

And we'll send you an email when we do.

I'm too busy, I don't know if I have time to follow everything?

I'm too busy, I don't know if I have time to follow everything?

This program was made with you in mind and caters to all levels of busyness and is designed so you can do it at home/ office and at your own pace.

My intention with this program is to remove stress from your life – not create more. There is no fluff or BS in this program, and nothing OTT, I'm going to show you exactly need to do, and when.

All you have to do is follow me – easy peasy!

More Reviews……

More energy, Less Weight & Doing things I haven't done in a very long time

I've struggled with exhaustion, weight and generally feeling like I'm going through the motions for quite a number of years- more than I care to remember.

It’s very telling when your child says..’you look better, you are a lot less frustrated and grumpy’, others have said ‘you look lighter’. My energy levels have improved, my weight is sleep improved, the changes in my skin were very noticeable..and I’m doing things I haven't done in a very long time. I now make myself a priority - if i’m not functioning well, then my whole family is impacted

Tania Agnew Teacher, NZ

Even more reviews…

Jackie Holah Project Manager, NZ

Quit high-pressure job


Biggest a-ha moment when I realised I put far too much energy into work and my mind drew a blank when it came to my goals, what I want and need to achieve personally. It made me think about myself, what I want, what I want to achieve and to make me set some long and short term I resigned from a high pressure job..I’ve taken another job with a new company but I’ve taken a different approach to it. No working through lunch, planning regular breaks and getting out into the sun during lunch time. I’m way more conscious of what I’m eating...I’ve changed my diet and noticed that the excess ‘fat’ has gone down..and I'm buying a size smaller in clothes

Clare Stephens Online Entrepreneur & Photographer

Self-care = Biggest $$ month in business ever


I used to put my busyness ahead of my health. Vesna introduced me to the concept of self-care, how food impacts how we feel and how we perform. Working with Vesna I put my health first, made sure I was eating properly, walking, made sure I was doing all the things for myself before I started my workday. I ended up having the biggest month in my business that I've ever had, in the whole time I've ever had my business. So I know that this works"

Anna Stern Lipke Attorney & Business Owner: USA

Lost 24 pounds, more energy and setting a good example for my children 


Discovering Vesna has been miraculous! I was overweight, always tired, lethargic, my brain felt foggy, I had insatiable sugar cravings, and I was becoming reclusive, because I did not like the way I looked. I knew that something need to change, because I was setting a bad example for my two small children, and not because I was overweight, but because I was unhealthy!

Vesna was highly recommended by a close friend. However, I had reservations, since I live in America, and Vesna is in Australia. Nevertheless I decided to inquire. From the first moment I entered Vesna’s website, my reservations dissipated - I truly felt like she was talking to ME! As soon as I began working with Vesna, it became abundantly clear that this doctor was going to change my life. Vesna knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it, and in what order! Vesna was always available for questions, she was open to making necessary modifications to the programs, and she was always kind, patient, and supportive.

In just three months of working with Vesna, I lost 24 pounds, and 21 inches (7 of which from my waist). Even my feet seem thinner. My brain fog has lifted, I have a lot more energy, my knees don’t hurt, I have absolutely NO cravings for anything, especially sugar. Everyone around me has noticed not only my physical transformation, but a psychological one as well. I no longer hide from the camera, I have discovered a whole section in my closet I can now fit into, and I finally feel like I am setting a good example for my children. I plan on continuing this newly found way of eating/being, it definitely agrees with me.

I have recommended Vesna to everyone who has asked me about my magical transformation, and I will continue to recommend Vesna to those I think could benefit from her care. She is truly a master of her craft!

Michelle Brett CFO, Melbourne

Wasn't sure if this would be just another approach that didn't work


"I had researched so much myself, tried so many different things, and although I'd improved somewhat, I really hadn't achieved the results I wanted.

Now...My energy has become far more consistent with less peaks and troughs... My mood is far more stable; I am calmer, happier, more at peace and feel like I can now handle anything that comes along."

This is it

You've made it all the way to the bottom….what are you waiting for

Let's Do This…

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