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Meltdowns! Why little things set you off

Do little things set you off and derail your day?

Does a change in your routine set you off, maybe? Or when something goes wrong you have a meltdown?

Yesterday a woman in my program mentioned how when little things go wrong, it can feel like a bomb going off…it hijacks her day and she can't cope.

When our body and nervous system run down there are no reserves for it to rely on in times of crisis. So we meltdown. It's our bodies way of shutting down to preserve itself.

It's a life-preserving response.

It also means that your life shrinks!

You avoid new opportunities
Avoid change
Stop doing things outside your comfort zone
Stop growing and living your best life

In the book “The Untethered Soul” Michael Singer uses the metaphor – Imagine having a thorn in your arm that directly touches a nerve.

When the thorn is touched it's very painful. Because it hurts so much, it's a big problem.

It's hard to sleep because you roll over on it. It's hard to get close to people because they might brush up against it. So we do our best to protect it. We hide it from the world.

This thorn is a constant source of disturbance and to solve the problem you only have two choices….

First option, you can keep the thorn and force the world to conform around you. Shrink your life to avoid the thorn being touched.

Or the second option is to remove the thorn and be open to life again.

Obviously the second option will lead to our best life!

But your body and mind needs to be nourished and supported in order to be ready.

We can't strive for our highest potential when we're dragging ourselves out of bed, living with unrelenting stress or worrying about every little thing.

If this is you, then I recommend you watch this training I did last week.

I'll show you what is actually happening to make you to feel this way and that it's 100% reversible. I'll walk you through the step-by-step plan too.

You can feel your best again without trying as hard as you may have been already  Online Workshop .


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  • Frances

    Thank you for your informative talks on womens health issues! I am interested in particular, about Menopause and Adrenal fatigue and how to lose body fat weight even though on a gluten free/dairy free/ sugar free diet and trying to lose 10% more body fat…going very SLOW! Sleep is a problem most nights etc!! Pls email your suggestions and if you have any suggedted books to purchase/ read, I appreciate it. Thank you.

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