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Never think about dieting again

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Do you wish you never had to think about dieting again?

How much headspace would that free up?

And if you could go out and enjoy a meal without feeling guilty afterwards, or not have those ‘good' or ‘bad' food days?

I remember years ago when I stacked on weight and I tried EVERY diet there was. I mean, I'm a nutritionist so I thought I could just nip this in the bud quickly…..but I still gained 10kg.

Food became a source of anxiety for me, not pleasure.

There are key systems in our body, that if not functioning correctly, will prevent weight loss and cause us to gain weight so easily it's scary.

Watch this video as I share:


  • What causes your weight to increase ( it's not just food)
  • Why you can eat lettuce leaves and still gain weight
  • The BIG reason you can't keep weight off permanently (and never do another diet again)
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