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Nice Girls Burnout

Have you taken on too much?
No time for your self-care? 
Not further along in your career?
Behind on your financial investments?

All symptoms of being a ‘nice girl'…..

I interviewed Dr. Lois Frankel, author of: 
Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office 
Nice Girls Don't Get Rich 
Nice Girls Don't Stand Out or Speak Up

We talked about how we unknowingly sabotage our success based on our socialisation. 


Women have been socialized to be ‘nice girls’ from a young age, so we're not ‘too much', too needy, to always be polite and nice.

Even our communication is too wordy because we try to make it polite and ‘nice'.


We take this ‘nice girl’ into our business and careers.

We don’t have our needs met at work or at home, we don’t speak up, and don’t align with our values.

Then we self-soothe with food, alcohol, or drugs to feel better.

But all of this has been the programming or messaging we have received (as women) growing up and ALL of it can change.

I loved this interview, it's so powerful and empowering.

Please take the time to listen if you suffer from people-pleasing, nice girl syndrome, or even if you never seem to have time for yourself.

I'll be the first to say, I recognise so many of these traits!

Listen to the interview ​​below ⬇︎
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