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Burn out- The Telltale Signs You Have It

I want to talk about burnout and what are the telltale signs and if you have them. Burnout is due to chronic stress where it leads to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. What happens is it means that we can't function effectively on a personal or professional level. It starts to change our personality and impact our career and also have an impact on our relationships. These are the telltale signs.

First one is chronic fatigue or exhaustion. This is the fatigue that's not relieved by rest. When you've had a weekend or you've had a good night's sleep and you're still feeling tired.   Insomnia is another symptom, so finding it hard to fall asleep or waking up randomly at 2:00/3:00 a.m. which can be very annoying.

The sceond and third common emotions I see in women with burnout is anxiety and anger. Anxiety at work or even at home and even on the weekends. Just constant anxiety in your thinking and worrying about things but also the feeling of anger. Finding that you're more irritable or snapping at your staff or your kids more easily than before.

The fourth one is brain fog, so not being able to concentrate and not being able to remember things but also having what I call the shiny object syndrome. You're kind of starting one thing but you're not finishing it and then you're picking up something else and you're starting that  because you don't have that mental focus and concentration available to you.

The fifth one is depression. Depression and burnout look very similar, but they're treated very differently.

Sixth one is loss of joy. If you're not finding the enjoyment in your work, your career, your business, your family anymore then that's a telltale sign. Lastly is feeling more negative, feeling more cynical, kind of detaching yourself from life, from friends is another telltale sign.

If two or more of these symptoms are you then this should be a wake up call for you to start to assess your stress and your physical and emotional health as well. I'm running a training this week if you want to know more about how to overcome burnout and what the steps that are involved and what it is you can do to your day-to-day routine to start to get your health, body and mind back on track.

I am running a training this week it is free to join. Once you sign up I will send you an energy assessment so you can do a more detailed assessment to really have a look at where you are along the energy spectrum:


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