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Stomach Bloating Like You’re 5 Months Pregnant?

Do you feel bloated like you're about five months pregnant, and you're not?

It's frustrating when you feel that your belly's kind of popped out, you've got distension, maybe by the end of the day your clothes feel so tight around your waist, your waistband of your skirt or your pants is digging into your abdomen. Your button feels like it's going to pop off.

All those symptoms are super frustrating, and also what comes with those symptoms is that when we get bloated there's also a lot of wind, a lot of gas production, a lot of flatulence, and so if you're working in an office, or you've got coworkers, then that's not really convenient because every time you run to the toilet nothing happens.

While all those symptoms can be super frustrating for us, they actually tell us a lot about what is happening inside the digestive system. So if we've got bloating it means that there is compromised function of our gut.

So more than just being an annoying and maybe even sometimes an embarrassing symptom, it does indicate that we need to improve gut function. So this is something I hear really commonly from women. Women kind of suffer with this quite a lot. And often it comes with fatigue, and mood changes and metabolic issues, et cetera.

So what I want to talk about is that if you've got a compromised gut, if you've got the bloating, then it is going to impact your nutrient absorption, so it means that you're not breaking down and digesting your food properly. So what that's going to mean is nutrient deficiencies, for one. It will also impact the immune system.

So we have a lot of our immune system sitting around our gut, so it could lead to allergies and things like that. It will also impact our mood, so a lot of our gut function is linked to our mood. It'll impact the bacteria that we have in our gut and microbiome. And it will also impact our liver detoxification pathway, so breaking them down, so all of that, all that means is that it will impact your mood, your metabolism, and your energy.

So the way around that, to get rid of that bloating like you're five months pregnant and you're not. The first thing I recommend to do is to slow down eating. All the time I see women, they're either rushing to get the kids ready in the morning and they're scoffing down some food, or maybe you run your own business like me, or you work in an office, and you eat at your desk. You're working and eating. Not good, because your body is not calm for digestion.

So the biggest thing that breaks down our gut and compromises our gut is stress. And so when we're busy working and rushing and things like that, our digestive system is not primed to break down food. And so therefore we get fermentations, we get gas production, and then we get our bloating.

All of those indicate that we haven't digested our food. So we need to slow down while we're eating.

So get away from the desk. Don't work at your desk. Give yourself 15 minutes to eat, 20 ideally. Don't rush, don't stand up eating. Don't be doing other things, don't be multitasking.

So really slow down and be conscious of the food that you're eating. Food is enjoyable, we want to be aware and mindful of what we're eating.

The second thing which will make a really big difference is to take digestive enzymes. So if you've been suffering from bloating for a long time, it's not one of those things that is going to resolve all on its own.

So what that means is that you need to replace some of the digestive enzymes that have been lacking for a long time. And so if you basically just go into your health food store, or jump online, you can buy some digestive enzyme supplements. And you take that with your meal, three times a day. And what that will do is it will give you the enzymes to break down your food, getting rid of the bloating, and really starting that process of healing the gut.

So do those two things, slow down, get your digestive enzymes to get rid of that bloating, get your flat tummy back again, and not feel so self conscious about your abdomen. But also to start improving your nutrient absorption and start to improve liver detoxification as well.

Now, if you find that you're bloated, but you're also tired all the time, you're overwhelmed, you're anxious, you have mood changes, you get the brain fog, you have poor sleep, those symptoms, along with the bloating, if you feel some of those as well, then I'm running a workshop where I'm going to talk more about what is actually going on there.

So in the workshop I'm going to explain why those symptoms come about, and what you need to do in order to overcome it, so what systems need to be healed?

Plus in the workshop I'm going to give you a seven day plan that you can use immediately to double your energy, elevate your mood, and get your metabolism back on line.

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