Sugar and Anxiety: Friend or Foe? - Vesna Hrsto

Sugar and Anxiety: Friend or Foe?

Is SUGAR friend or foe? Interesting new research!

Can sugar help with anxiety and stress?

With a lot going in the press with Sarah Wilson and her I Quit Sugar program, I wanted to share some interesting research around sugar and anxiety – it might surprise you!

The reason we crave sugar when stressed, and how it actually makes us smarter…seriously!

How to have the benefits WITHOUT the side-effects 😉

Love to hear your comments below…

Do you crave sugar?

Have you cut out carbohydrates and how do you feel with that change?

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  • Erin Do

    Probably good for you sugar…like sweet potatoes and oatmeal and nutrient dense food sources that are complex carbohydrates.

    • vesna2

      Carbs are good too 🙂

    • Kate

      Very interesting. I tried the keto diet, but I just didnt function well at all 😕. So I have added potatoes and good quality italian pasta back into my diet in moderation and my coping levels are much better.
      I have gone back to baking biscuits etc, but with grain free flour and either rapendura, coconut sugar of organic maple. …. and feeling normal again 😊

  • Patricia Frederick

    Yes, all things in balance is best advice. I have left honey in my diet along with pure maple syrup, coconut sugar and rapadura. I don’t use much…but find when I add a little I don’t crave sweet things and don’t go nuts and binge either. With Carbs in general, I have eating whole food options – mostly veggies and whole fruit instead of packaged food options.

    Feel more connected and happier with just a little sweetness in my life!

    • vesna2

      You’re on the right track already Patricia, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Debbie

    Thanks for your Sugar and Anxiety post. You are so correct in saying there is so much conflicting information out there. Awhile ago I switched to coconut sugar in my baking and I love to bake! I’ve also been trying to use almond meal instead of white gluten free flour (I’m gluten intolerant). I guess I’ve also been avoiding carbs, however after hearing your advice I’ll try introducing back low GI carbs. I appreciate your posts…

    • vesna2

      It can be hard to sift through all the info out there I know, but a little bit of sweetness is ok 😉

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