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The Link to Anxiety and Bloating

The link to anxiety and bloating and vice versa.

You know to often when we get stressed or we get nervous before a presentation or a big meeting that we may have often we can feel it in the gut and we call it a gut feeling and there's a reason for this. It is because the brain communicates with the gut and the gut also communicates with the brain so that's why our gut is known as our second brain and we produce a lot of our happy brain chemistry in our gut. The happy brain chemistry being serotonin. A lot of this is produced in our gut, not only does a bloated belly make us anxious but the bloated belly and gut inflammation lead to anxiety, low moods, and depression.

There has been a lot of studies that have seen this link, which is why other studies where they've supplemented people who had mild to severe anxiety with probiotics with something as simple as half a cup of yoghurt twice a day for a few weeks and it had healed their anxiety. So this is the power of our gut on our brain. There is a communication channel there between the brain and the gut and the gut and the brain. Bloating makes our anxiety worse and our anxiety makes our bloating worse.

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