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Tired. Brain Fog. Weight Gain..but blood tests are ‘normal’

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Have you been to the doctor recently, had your blood tests done and everything comes back as ‘normal', but yet you feel exhausted?

You are feeling moody, irritable and can't sleep. You've got weight that's stacking on that you just can't get rid of, you can't shift the weight  no matter what you eat. It's super frustrating, I get it.

There's two reasons for this:

#1 is when you get the blood testing done standard blood tests are not going to be able to pick up what is going on for you because there's just not enough markers in the standard blood tests.

#2 is that we can have poor function, or suboptimal function of say the thyroid gland or the adrenals for a long, long time before it's actually picked up by the standard blood tests.

For example, I have women who have Hashimoto's but their TSH levels come back as normal. And that's because the range is quite big and it's showing the suboptimal range not the optimal range.

If you're sick of feeling tired all the time, if you feel like you're struggling to fall asleep or you're waking up during the night and you feel irritable, you've got the brain fog and no matter what you eat or how much exercise you do, you just can't shift the weight, then come and join me this week.

I'm running a workshop where I'm going talk about exactly what is going on there, why it's not being picked up by blood tests, what blood tests we need to be looking at and what you need to do to get your energy back, get your spark back, to sleep better, to shift those unwanted and unexplained kilos that have come from nowhere.

So if this is you, come and join me. We're going to talk more about blood testing and the things that you can do immediately to shift your energy, and your mood and your metabolism.

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