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Truth About Carbs: Why Should You Eat More Carbs?

Eat more carbohydrates.

Now I'm sure many of you wish that you heard that more often, but it's definitely something I say to women in my community all the time.

Okay, we get told to cut out carbohydrates so we can lose weight and have more balanced energy, or whatever it is, but the thing is, if you're in adrenal fatigue it will make you feel worse.

Adrenal fatigue is caused by chronic stress which eventually disrupts our hormones. Now if you're not sure if you have adrenal fatigue or not, according to Dr James Wilson, who is like the grand-daddy of adrenal fatigue says about 80% of the population have some degree of adrenal fatigue, so that's a lot of us! So cutting out carbohydrates will and can make us feel a lot worse.

Just recently I had a woman in my community, and I've heard a version of this story so many times. She cut out all the carbohydrates, she was just kind of having vegetables as carbs, she was intermittent fasting and she was adrenally fatigued. She was extremely exhausted, she was living off coffee during the day and she wasn't losing any weight. She was just feeling more stressed and tired and it was pushing her further into adrenal fatigue.

So carbohydrates are really important to heal adrenal fatigue and to lose weight while you're in adrenal fatigue. In my work, I get women to add carbohydrates back to their meals, a quarter to a half a cup of carbohydrates with their evening meal just to start with. So that will help to relax the adrenals and begin to kickstart the healing of adrenal fatigue, and it will also tell your body that because the adrenals are relaxed, and as soon as the adrenals are activated we can't burn body fat for fuel.

Our body needs more glucose. So it's kind of like we have this glucose tank in our body, kind of like a fuel tank. And as soon as we're stressed, our body will go to the glucose fuel tank and then we'll need to top it up. So we'll need more glucose, we'll need more fuel.

So when the adrenals are relaxed, and we relax them through carbohydrates, then the body won't need to keep topping up the fuel tank and the body will feel safe to burn body fat for fuel. I hope that makes sense. So carbohydrates are back on the menu. If you want someone to tell you to eat more carbs, I am your woman. I mean not over the top, but in a very strategic way we add carbohydrates back into the diet and throughout the day, to help your body to stay calm, reduce the cortisol levels, the stress hormones and for your body to continue to burn body fat and also to have a good night's sleep.

We really need the carbohydrates at night to make sure that our self-healing mechanisms and all the processes that happen at night are actually happening, and we have the energy for that to happen. Okay, let me talk about this and a whole lot more in a brand new Master Class that I'm doing.

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