Unexplained Weight Gain: "I've gained 12kg since I started my business" - Vesna Hrsto

Unexplained Weight Gain: “I’ve gained 12kg since I started my business”

Accidentally overweight as an entrepreneur.

It is not uncommon to realise at some point in your business that you have stacked on some kilos or pounds and it can happen with launching, when you're working longer hours or it could just happen over time. One of my clients said that she gained 12 kilos and she felt like the weight had just jumped on her like it just happened so fast that she didn't even notice and that's really common even though you probably eat quite well it's really frustrating to see that weight going up rather than going down.

You might find that your clothes feel tighter maybe around the midsection or maybe you've got a wardrobe full of clothes that you're still hoping to get into but you can't yet and like I said even though you eat probably pretty well and doing some activity even if it's not a full workout routine but you are keeping yourself active and the weight doesn't shift. Lets talk about why that happens particularly in women in business and entrepreneurs. Because often when you're busy and you're working longer hours there's just too much on your plate and you end up cutting some corners and those corners end up being your self-care. If you stay up later you'll need more caffeine or probably you'll be going out drinking more or you're going to go for foods that are going to be rich in carbohydrates and sugars to keep you awake and keep you going. This happens innocently over time and what happens then is once we've been in this high-stress state for a while our body no longer uses fat for fuel and instead it requires more glucose. So one of the key areas that we'll look at in order to get your metabolism back online so you can shift the weight without having to spend all your time in the kitchen or at the gym and really doing it quite simply. So with the client that I had mentioned that gained the 12 kilos what we did for her was it was so simple the little tweaks that we made to her nutrition she was then able to lose the weight. She felt like she was eating pretty well as it was and she realized just with some of the few tweaks that we made that she could definitely have eaten better but it was easy for her to maintain and she didnt have to cook another meal for her family.  She was running her own company she had two kids and didn't have to be in the kitchen all night so you can see that there are things that are really really simple to weave into your busy day.

The first change I want to talk about is the adrenals. The adrenal glands are our glands that we've heard a lot about in relation to adrenal fatigue but they're the glands that respond to stress and help us to adapt to stress. If there's been chronic stress for a long time we are going to as I said put our body in a state of needing more glucose rather than burning body fat for fuel. So in order for our body to lose weight naturally and easily our body needs to maintain our weight easily or should do when our metabolism is working properly. When we're relaxed is when our body loses weight. So if we're stressed we're not going to be able to or we're really going to struggle to lose weight because our body switches its fuel. It goes from fat to glucose.

The second area that we need look at is the liver. The liver is important there are three key systems for the metabolism which are the adrenals, the liver, and the thyroid and they all have to be working properly. They have to be healthy systems in order for your metabolism to be high in order for you to lose weight. So the liver is the second key area. The liver breaks down fats and it helps to activate our hormones and it cleans our system and it cleans our blood. One of the key things with the liver is that if there's more toxicity in our body so if we have stored more toxins which is going to happen when we're stressed then in order to keep our body safe from those toxins it actually stores it in fat cells and in order for us to lose the weight we actually need to have a healthy functioning liver because the liver doesn't want to release the toxins or the toxicity out of the fat cells because it's not ready to process it because it doesn't have full function. The liver is a really key area for losing weight.

The third one is the thyroid, I have no doubt that you've heard a lot about the thyroid but the thyroid gland is the queen of our metabolism and it helps us to burn fat while we're working, while we're resting, while we're eating and we want to make sure that we have a proper functioning thyroid. We want to make sure that we get nutrition for the thyroid gland and also find ways to reduce our stress because when we're stressed our thyroid and our adrenal glands work hand in hand.  When we're stressed we're basically going to block the activity of our thyroid hormones which means our metabolism will slow down and we'll be more prone to gaining weight.

They are the three key systems. The adrenal, the liver, and the thyroid which are really important to regulate your metabolic burn rate or your metabolism making sure that you're burning fat all day long even while you're sleeping and if that's not the case for you and you find that your weight is slowly creeping up then join me in my workshop this week.

I'm going to talk more about how you can repair your metabolism and how you can work on those key systems and what foods to eat in order to bring your metabolism back online not just to lose weight.  Obviously, weight is a big thing that we all tend to focus on but with your metabolism back online you get your energy back as well. So with your energy back you're more likely to go and work out and you are more likely to make better food choices.

When we are tired we are not going to exercise and it's going to make it hard to eat well. When the body's stressed it does require more carbohydrates and you're going to go for more sugars to keep you going. I will talk more about this in the workshop. The workshop is completely free, You will find out how to reset your adrenals, to conquer fatigue and unexplained weight gain in as little as seven days giving you a nutritional plan for seven days that you can see quick change in your energy and a shift in your body where you'll feel lighter and the weight will start to come off.

So if this speaks to you, come and join me in this workshop this week:


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