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Waking Up Feeling Anxious or Overwhelmed?

Do you find you wake up feeling anxious?

Do you feel like you wake up in the morning and bang, you feel like your mental to do list is going, you've got to rush, there's urgency and it just feels like you go go go all day?

Or maybe your anxiety builds up during the day that you find that by the end of the day, you come home and you know, in order to unwind you need a glass of wine, maybe two, maybe a bottle, okay?

So if this is you, I want to show you how you can overcome that anxiety without quitting your job, meditating with monks, or running away from your life or from your work, or from your partner, okay?

First thing to note is that when we're feeling anxious, what's happened in our bodies that our stress response has been activated. When that happens, it causes a domino effect to other hormones within the body and so it becomes this self-perpetuating cycle.

The more anxiety we have, the more anxiety we're likely to get, okay? Because of this hormonal imbalance.

If this is you, the first thing that you can do is to number one, avoid stimulants. Things like caffeine, is a really big one, which is a trigger for the stress response and a trigger for anxiety. It will exacerbate anxiety as well.

Avoid caffeine, soft drinks will also do it. Anything with excess sugar can trigger off an anxiety response because it influences the blood sugar levels and influences our stress response.

If you're drinking coffee, cut it down. If you're having four coffees a day, cut it down to two if you can, or one, even better.

If you're having a lot of sugar in your diet, then cut that back by 50%. Look at where you can reduce those foods in your diet.

Second thing is to make sure that you're eating every three to four hours. This is key because when our blood glucose levels drop, our body will initiate a stress response. It can trigger anxiety and it can exacerbate anxiety.

Eat regularly, every three to four hours. If you find yourself going to bed late at night, if you're out at a function, an event, and it's been over four hours since your dinner, then you must have another snack in order to keep your sugar levels and anxiety stable.

The third thing, which has been proven to make a big difference to our hormones, is that when you're stressed at work, when you're at your desk, or in your office, and you're feeling like it's just that overwhelming anxiety, so you can really feel it building up, you're jittery, there's that inner pressure building, or even when you get home, what I recommend is that you go outside to get away from your desk, get away from your work and don't take your phone, don't talk any work talk with another colleague.

Just really take yourself out, outside, fresh air, sunlight, if there is any, and walk around and clean your mind.

This has been proven that if we do this for about 15 minutes every single day, that our stress hormones relax and so much so that we actually will have a better sleep at night.

When the pressure starts building up during the day, or even if it's not, if you're finding that you're okay but when you get home you're stressed, still do this anyway. 15 minutes a day, get out of the office, away from your desk, away from your work, clear your head.

If you suffer from anxiety, then I want you to try those three different strategies to overcome the anxiety so you don't have to quit your job or meditate with monks.

Want to know more? I'm running a workshop this week (it's free), details here: https://www.vesnahrsto.com/conquer-fatigue

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