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Weight Gain Thinking

Does your weight or body shape preoccupy your mind, A LOT?
Women tell me all the time how much think about their weight, how much it consumes their thoughts – but do you know the effect of this ‘hyper-vigilant thinking on your metabolism?
Would love to hear your thoughts about this – leave a comment below.
Much love,
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  • karen

    I understand this very much, as I had a rough number of situations leaving me depleted and a loss of weight that I need to function. It’s been seven months and still haven’t gained the weight so it is on my mind and it affects what I can do and not do. I agree that I must just trust the body to eventually do what it should. I have other chronic illness I am trying to repair but need the weight for that, hence the over emphasis on my weight gain. Thanks for a reminder to trust the body.

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