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What Causes Low Libido in Women?

Has your libido has disappeared?

The other day I asked a question in my private community which was would you rather clean the floor than have sex. And a lot of hands went up. And this is not surprising. So this is a big problem for women that not many women talk about, and we kind of accept it as part of a busy day or because we have so many priorities.

Sometimes women say it feels like a chore. All of those things women are feeling and thinking.

So what I notice definitely in my work is that often with women who are really tired, have very low energy, they're exhausted, they're burnt out, they have adrenal fatigue.

So the libido will be impacted because the hormones are impacted. And so, what happens is when our energy's low, our body is trying to conserve the energy that we have and move it to areas where it needs it the most. Like, the cardiovascular system, like the brain, and the nervous system. It's not looking to move that energy to our reproductive system. And to our libido.

So, therefore, those areas are kind of hit first. That's where you really tend to notice it.

So another thing is that with adrenal fatigue, which comes about due to chronic stress, and it starts to impact our hormones and then lowering our libido, is that with adrenal fatigue, it's because our body has been in a kind of fight or flight or a stress response for so long, that is like a survival response.

It's not a response where our body is going to thrive. So that's another kind of indicator that the libido will be low. But one of the other things that I also see is for women who are exhausted, tired, anxious, stressed, there's also metabolic issues.

So, struggling to lose weight, finding that weight's going up really easily, and that impacts our confidence. So that's another big part of impacting our libido or our bedroom mojo.

So if this is you, if you feel tired, rundown, exhausted, and you have a low libido, my advice to you would be to address your energy levels. So, address exhaustion and burnout and anxiety and things like that.

Doing simple things to your day-to-day routine, you know, get to bed earlier, making a better food choices, getting more down time. Finding ways to incorporate relaxation into your lifestyle.

Now, I'm running a training workshop. It's free to join. Where I'm going to talk more about that. It's called how to conquer fatigue, low mood, and unexplained weight gain. Even if you tried all the right things before, And I'm going to talk about how to overcome low energy, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, metabolic issues.

I'm also going to give you a seven-day plan on the webinar, which is an energy reboot kit. It's basically something you can take away with you immediately, hit the ground running, and start making these changes into your day-to-day routine so you get your energy and your mojo back. So I'll put a link below and above this video, and I hope to see you there. Bye for now.


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