To REVITALISE your health & energy to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL


to create a CALM & CLEAR MIND for happiness and creativity


to get into the best SHAPE of your life, without sacrificing your time


to have MEANING & CONNECTION to live a great life


Then get ready to THRIVE…..I can show you how!

your symptoms tell a story. Your Story!

Anxiety, Stress, Burnout, Mind-body Medicine - Vesna Hrsto

Buh-Bye Burnout

Did you know that feeling stressed, tired & gaining weight as you get older is NOT normal?

According to one study in Aust Fam Physician, 1 in 5 people complain of tiredness or fatigue to their GP and ⅔ of those are women in their mid-forties.

Constant fatigue, overwhelm & weight gain are part of bigger picture, and no amount of crazy diets and punishing exercise routines are going to make any difference until you address the heart of the problem. 

When you know what's at the heart of fatigue you'll understand why you've suddenly gained a few kilos (or more), why you seem to be getting sick more often, and why you've grown more irritable.

You'll realise why you have ‘brain fog' and everyday tasks seem to require more effort.

You’ll understand why you’ve lost your sex drive and why PMS symptoms are getting worse.

Plus, learn why your ability to handle stress seems to be decreasing and why it’s harder to be productive and stay on task.

You’ll understand why you’ve lost your mojo!

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  • "I no longer want to curl up and go to sleep under my desk after lunch, and the brain fog that plagued my days at work has gone. My energy has become far more consistent with less peaks and troughs... My mood is far more stable; I am calmer, happier, more at peace and feel like I can now handle anything that comes along. My mindset has totally changed for the better, and I have even been able to let go of my addictions to coffee, wine and cigarettes, which I absolutely attribute to the support Vesna has provided and through that process, exploring my spirituality and gaining some profound insights into life that have brought about a total shift in my perspective. I feel like Vesna has opened my eyes to a whole new world and I’m feeling excitement about the possibilities in my future for the first time in a long time"  

    Michelle Brett CFO, Melbourne

Personal Vitality Leads To Professional Success

Elite Female Coaching

For Entrepreneurs, Women In Business, Women Who Lead and CEO'S

What stops you from getting into the best shape of your life and feeling like a ‘boss' as you go through your busy day?

How many opportunities have you avoided because of the way you look and feel?

Whether you're running your own business or leading a team, you need high energy to get more done in less time, stay on top of your game and sustain that pace so you can do the work you're here to do – your ‘why'.

..without sacrificing freedom, health, family, partner and personal commitments.

The Elite Female Program will:

Balance your body for all-day energy and reset your metabolism to shed unwanted kilos so you can get into the best shape ever

Create resilience to not get dragged down by bad bays and bad moods, so you can be on top of things

Alleviate the BIG disruptors to productivity and creativity such as stress, anxiety, brain fog and overwhelm, so you get more done in less time

Build structure and routine that creates space in your busy schedule

Science has confirmed that happiness is the number one predictor of success. Not the other way around. When we're positive our brains become engaged, creative, energetic, motivated and resilient, leading to more productivity at work.

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*(Note: Packages start at $1997)

  • “I met Vesna when I was 6 months pregnant. I was stressed, overwhelmed, feeling exhausted and lethargic. Vesna always said I won’t make your life harder – and she didn’t. She provided simple nutritional guidance that is easy to follow and her holistic program reduced my stress levels markedly. I was able to return to my business 2 weeks after giving birth, to an extremely busy period for a couple of months. 3 months later I am able to back off work, enjoy my children, feel more energy than I have in close to a decade and I’m almost at my pre-pregnancy weight! I feel confident that I will have the energy to play with my boys in the years to come and not have that overwhelming feeling again!"

    Claire Moyles CEO/ Accountant, Melbourne
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