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When your biography becomes your biology

Mind-body medicine

Back in the 80’s, Robert Adler coined the term Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) to categorise a new field of study called mind body medicine. Many others since then have discovered that there is an amazing connection between mind, body and spirit.

This means our mind and the emotional thoughts we produce have an incredible impact on our physiology, either positive or negative.

PNI integrates the following systems – mental/ psychological, nervous, and immune system, but these systems are further linked together by substances called ligands (hormones, neurotransmitters and peptides). All this means is that every single cell in our body is in constant communication –  they are literally having a conversation. This is responsible for 98% of all data transferred between the body and the brain.

Dr Candace Pert (Professor & Neuroscientist) called this communication between our cells the ‘Molecules of Emotion' because they produce the feelings of bliss, hunger, anger, relaxation, or satiety when received by cells.

Our emotions link the physical body and the nonphysical states of consciousness, and consequently this directly impacts on how we think.

So a huge amount of emotional information is being exchanged throughout the body and the brain, much of which we never register consciously. This is why Dr Candace Pert maintains that our body is our subconscious mind, so what is going on in the subconscious mind is being played out by our body.

Our body is our subconsciousness mind

We live 90-95% of our lives from our subconscious mind, which means we only have about 5-10% new thoughts a day and the rest is information coming from the old tape recorder – the subconscious.

Caroline Myss in her book, “Creation of health”, says that our life history and experiences, become intertwined with the cells of our physical body. She has documented hundreds of case studies and has come to understand that symptoms of disease and illness don’t start in the body; they end there.

Previously in practice, I knew most of my patients had a degree of stress or emotional pain in their lives. Unfortunately back then, I didn't understand the power of mind-body medicine, and thought my role in helping distressed patients was to provide nutrients and herbs to relax and nourish the nervous system, adrenal glands etc. I assumed they were not looking to change their situation, so essentially I became somewhat of a magic pill dispenser.

I mean, that’s what people want right? To keep doing what they’re doing and not have to change anything about their lives because they “can’t”? Or to avoid taking an honest look at their life?

How wrong I was, and how wrong you are if you think along the same lines.

Change in uncomfortable, agreed! But I’ve found that people are ready for change more than they think – the problem is, they don’t take the time to step back and contemplate – What’s going on here? Where am I heading here? What do I want in my life? What are my choices?

It's been often said that illness doesn't happen to you, but for you! It's an invitation to play, in this game called life, differently. 

I regret not ever asking those patients more about what was going on their lives, about their pain and struggles, if even just to listen as they were able to put words to what they felt; bring awareness to it to their stresses; or to hold a safe space while they looked at their life truthfully.

Getting your life story out and examined is the first step to health and healing. Telling your story and coming to terms with your biography, you can begin to release negative energy that distorts the integrity of each and every cell in your body.


So what is your biography?

What are some of the most significant (and perhaps emotionally painful) events that you now carry in the memory of each cell?

Take some time to explore these and perhaps other lifelong memories that may now be a part of your biology.




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