Is your business making you tired and fat? - Vesna Hrsto

Is your business making you tired and fat?

Remember how much energy you had at the start of your business?

The fast pace and push to get everything done was exhilarating! You thrived on it!

Where did THAT go?

When you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror did you see dark circles under your eyes, puffy face..pimples on your chin….extra padding around the midline?

When did THIS version of you appear?

Was it after your second year in biz? After your first launch? Once you had a team to manage?

And HOW did she appear?

Late nights, wine, chocolate,

Women in business have this amazing ability to get so much done while juggling family and other commitments.

The problem is…You are entirely too capable!

And because you take a lot on you have to cut some corners, and those corners are your OWN self-care.

You're not alone!

Now more than ever, I'm inundated by women in business who are living with the side-effects of this lifestyle and it's impacting their:

Gut health
and Immune system

Your vital signs ARE impacting the vital signs of your business!

Did you simply forget that your body is part of your business too?

> Sales people tell me they can't sell without their energy & mojo
> Decision making is infinitely harder with anxiety
> Overwhelm blocks creativity and new ideas for content & new business
> Low energy = low productivity and longer work days
> Women carrying extra weight will often hide-out in their business or not show up powerfully

You're busy looking after your business, family & commitments, but who is looking after you?

This week I'm running a webinar, details here:

“Conquer Fatigue & Unexplained Weight Gain, Even When you've Tried The Right Things Before”

This is YOUR CHANCE, to feel more energetic and lighter AND imagine how your zest for life will affect your business and productivity …

So click below to grab your spot now and I’ll see you there:

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