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Are You Depressed Or Burnt-Out? Do You Know The Difference

Depression doesn't always look like serious melancholy and sadness…or the desire to sit on the couch all day!

Most of the women I see with depression experience anxiety  – feeling inner restlessness, unease and lots of insomnia.

In fact, most of these women are very much on the go and productive, but they are also stressed, anxious, scatterbrained, irritable, forgetful, worriers, unable to concentrate and feel “tired and wired” most of the time.

If you go to the doctor with these symptoms you will most likely be prescribed an anti-depressant.

But what if you're burnt-out and not depressed?!

The symptoms are the same, but the treatment offered is different.

The focus on depression has been about correcting a deficiency in brain chemistry, but there is now a multitude of studies thats shows the undeniable link between poor gut health and depression.

Our gut is seen as our second brain!

Around our gut lining we have over 70% of our immune system. When our gut function is compromised, this activates the immune system producing inflammation, including in the brain.

Inflammation indicates the immune system is on ‘high alert' and is associated with a significantly increased risk of depression.


So much so that in one study…


Scientists deliberately triggered inflammation in the bodies of healthy people who showed no signs of depression.  By injecting them with a substance they quickly developed symptoms of depression


Exhausted and burnt-out women nearly always have poor gut health due to the impact of unrelenting stress on the gut and poor food choices that create chaos to our blood sugar balance.

Which is why in my program within the first 10 days women say they can't believe how much better they feel in themselves, and how quickly..through simple shifts in their daily habits and food choices.


Want to know more?


I'm running an advanced training workshop (free) and walkthrough the key steps to overcome burnout, and repair key systems in the body (including the gut) and the impact it has on your whole outlook on life.


Details here:


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