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Hormones & Your Behaviour

Party Girl vs Home Girl


How much of your personality and behaviour comes down to your hormone levels (and not the REAL you)?

Well, hormones change us…BIG TIME

And I don't mean just with your menstrual cycle. But if you do notice how different you can be around that time (insert crazy, depressed, melodramatic, irrational …bitchy) then it's similar, but this personality is the ‘all-month‘ one!

Stress, overtime, changes our hormone profile so much so that our behaviour changes with it.

Imagine your stress hormones on a seesaw, on one end they are elevated, the other, they're deficient. The two extreme categories:


Party Girl 


She craves stimulation!

Because her levels of stress hormones (catecholamines) are low, she needs a buzz.

Often stay up late night (working or not), loves a party, always socialising, everything in excess: coffee, binge drinking, drugs or sex. She can be the last to leave an event/party and doesn’t know when to call it a night.

Risky behaviour (driven by low dopamine in the brain) – unprotected sex, impulsive spending or overspending, starting fights or arguing, dangerous driving and speeding, or even little things like showing up to meetings late.

She burns the candle at both ends.

She often attracts drama in her life, unknowingly, because she craves the stimulation.

Physical symptoms: Fatigue, sleepiness, cravings, addictions (food or substances), depression, low blood pressure



Now on the flip side is the..


Home Girl 


She craves calm!

She is a homebody.

Seems relaxed but she manages her life in a way because can’t cope with too much

She doesn’t want a party, instead prefers to stay in and have an early night.

Some will engineer their life/work to only work 3 days per week because they can’t cope with more.

Usually have routines in place to keep calm (don't function well without them)

Avoids drama and social events where possible (or has a good excuse not to go)

She delays, avoids or misses opportunities

Seems to lacks confidence, but it’s more of a desire to stay within oneself

Physical Symptoms: Anxiety, Worry, Overwhelm, Poor sleep, High Blood Pressure, Mental Illness/ Mania, Pain, Heart Palpitations


The optimal BALANCE and level of stress between the two is where we have OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE.


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