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How to Deal with Anxiety with this One Easy Trick

How to reduce anxiety…

A lot of times, we think that our anxiety is triggered by, I don't know, our finances, what's happening at work, perhaps our children, you know, our partner, etc., but there are things that can be going on inside the body which will triggering anxiety as well.

One of those key things is an imbalance in our blood glucose levels. Some women have chronically low blood glucose levels that it looks like anxiety, the symptoms are the same.  We'll get restlessness. We'll feel uneasy, that kind of anxiousy feeling, that nervousness inside.

Feeling clammy and sweaty. Your heart is racing. Our mind is racing. We're unable to focus, unable to concentrate, and it will trigger cravings for sugar.  It's really common.

And so if you feel anxious during the day, if this is something that you're struggling with and you really feel like it's kind of sucking the joy out of life, which anxiety does, then try this one thing tomorrow, which is basically having more carbohydrates to help relax the kind of stress response in the body and balance your blood glucose levels.

So there's different kinds of carbohydrates. There's ones that we can have which will have a positive effect on our blood glucose levels and those that won't, some will have a negative effect. And so what you want to do is add more of the complex, or kind of whole-grain carbohydrates.

And so I often suggest just to start with something like a quarter of a cup to half a cup of carbohydrates with your evening meal, something like, just like a half cup of brown rice, or brown rice pasta, or starchy vegetables, these will help to give you a better sleep and also to keep you more relaxed for the next day, because insomnia and anxiety are very much related. And then the next morning when you wake up, making sure that you have a good-quality breakfast with carbohydrates in there as well.

Carbohydrates are not all bad! We need it because 80% of our glucose is used by our brain. And if we don't have enough glucose in our body and in our sugar levels, then our body goes into kind of like a survival mode. It goes into a fight-or-flight response.

We get a stress response and then we get anxiety. So something as simple as that can really change your mood and make you feel more kind of settled and much more on top of things and much more in control.

So definitely, our sugar levels play a massive role in our mental health. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels have been linked with mental health issues. I'm going talk more about this. I'm going talk more about anxiety, worry, and low moods in an upcoming webinar. It's a brand-new webinar that I'm doing. If this is you and you want to find out more strategies of what you can do to change, like simple things in your day-to-day routine, then come and join us in the webinar.

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