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How To Recover from Burnout When Reducing Stress Isn’t An Option

A friend messaged me the other day, he runs a software company, he's been burnt-out with adrenal fatigue. I ask him how he was feeling, he said “I'm way too stressed and have a lot riding on a few things'

…and for these reasons was still stuck in burnout.

Women email me all the time asking, “how can I ever feel better when I'm so busy and stressed?”

I realised many people (including my friends) see this as an obstacle to recovery – to having more energy, better moods and mental clarity, and a faster metabolism.

In a perfect world, where our financial needs are taken care of, the business can run without us and/or our families are taken care of – we could disappear for a while to recover.

Most of us don't live in a perfect world, so we need the right tools.


Chronic stress disrupts the body chemistry that keeps us energised, relaxed, happy and resilient.

When you replace missing nutrients, you reset the body, and it can be as simple as adjusting macro-nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

Insufficient carbs can raise cortisol (stress) levels, leading to impaired mood and cognitive function, and worsen adrenal and thyroid function.


Food can influence our moods, it can either create anxiety and more stress or dissipate it.

Just like emotions impact our gut (gut feeling? butterflies?) food sends messages to our brain via the vagus nerve. 

By eating the right foods, you can literally create an energised and happier version of yourself within a stressful environment.

For example, gluten (found in wheat products) has been linked with anxiety, depression, irritability, bipolar and more.


When we're stressed our brain is spinning fast, our thoughts rev up, and then we worry about everything  – all of this triggers stress hormones.

As soon as our brain resets, we think clearly, our mind is sharp, we're productive, and we're able to handle more.

There is a MAGIC PILL that resets our brain literally overnight.

It's called sleep – and it will reset your brain when you have a proper ‘restful' sleep, regularly. 

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