How to Tell if You're Experiencing Corporate Burnout? - Vesna Hrsto

How to Tell if You’re Experiencing Corporate Burnout?

If you're feeling tired at work, so if you're in the office and you find that either maybe you walk in and you're tired straight away or maybe it gets to about almost lunch time or after lunch and you feel like you could just pretty much curl up under your desk and have a little nap.

Now, I used to work in corporate years ago and I used to say that, I used to joke about it, I used to get into the lift and be like, “Oh my gosh, I feel tired already.”

So if this is you and you're finding that you're really kind of relying on coffee during the day to get through, maybe you're eating more kind of biscuits or chocolates or sweets or something like that to get through the day. Then I've got a tip for you that works really well, so, when you're tired in the office, quite often is that there's not enough fresh air.

So there's a build up of carbon dioxide in the office 'cause the air conditioners are on and the air's not being is not being circulated, so I recommend on your lunch break to go outside and go for a walk.

So, even if you just do a lap around the building, That's going to do two things. One, you'll get some fresh air in and two you'll actually get the blood pumping through the body.

You probably may spend a lot of time sitting at your desk working. and so, therefore, our circulation becomes quite stagnant.

So that's a really quick way to just kind of get your energy back up again, clear your head, get more oxygen, and blood pumping through the body and, you know, offset some of that fatigue.

If you, though, feel fatigued ALL the time, like if you find that, you know, you wake up tired, you come home, you're still tired, you feel tired even after a weekend, you know, you've had a weekend off and you get back to work on Monday and you're really tired.

So if that's you, this is that chronic kind of fatigue or that perpetual fatigue, then I'm running a workshop where I'm going to talk more about that, so why you're feeling so tired, what's keeping your energy stuck, and even your mood, so if you're finding that you're overwhelmed or anxious, I'm going to be talking about that on the workshop this week, so I'm really going to show you how it's more so what's happening inside your body that's causing you to feel tired rather than what's happening around you in your day-to-day schedule.

So, if this is you, if you're sick of feeling tired, low mood, and you've got this weight that's crept up, then come and join me on the workshop. It's free to join, there'll be a link below this video and above that you can click on and find out more details. 

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