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I Know Why You’re So Tired

I wanted to share with you because you may relate to this woman.

Last week I got on the phone with a woman who is a gun in her business, she was dedicated, focused, organised and was successful because of it


She wasn't a gun in other areas of her life…and it was costing her.

She felt too busy to do the things that would nourish her, was beyond tired that it felt normal, gained about 7 kgs but was trying to ignore it, felt irritable often and drank most nights to relax.


She REALLY wanted to her spark back BUT,

she had no clue how to do that  

because all the action she had taken so far wasn't working…


BUT, everything change for her in the span of just 20 minutes


She went from feeling worried and overwhelmed that she would never get on top of things,

to knowing EXACTLY how to get her energy and spark back permanently, within the next 8 -12 weeks.


Sound a little pie in the sky? It's not.


You see, the reason I could help this woman so quickly was

because she got on the phone KNOWING that if she had more energy she would be happier and lose weight, be more productive without overwhelm and bad moods hijacking her day, she'd go out and socialise for fun and feel more in control of her body and life.  


She knew the way she felt and her ‘energy' had a ripple effect impacting everything in her life.


She was done blaming the lack of time, busyness, work, partner, family commitments and a bunch of other outside excuses and

she had finally gotten to the point where real change can happen.


And in 20 minutes, I illuminated for her what she hadn't been able to see on her own in 41 years.


I showed her the REAL reason she's so tired & stressed

and I gave her a step-by-step plan for her to have more energy,

to shed the excess weight and be on top of her game personally and professionally

within 12 weeks.


Getting these results is NOT just about the foods you eat or exercise you do, it's about BALANCE.


It doesn't matter how much kale you eat or green smoothies you drink, or if you eat paleo or sugar free, if you're not BALANCED in 3 key areas you're not going to feel better than your best.


The 3 key areas are:


  1. Mindset (thought overload, worry and overwhelm vs clarity, calm and insight)
  2. Body Systems (system crash vs hormones balanced & self-healing systems ON )
  3. Life Balance ( Overcommitted, over-scheduled, single-focused vs doing work, love & play)


If you've been “trying all the right things” for your energy, mood and mojo,

and it's just not working,


Then you're not balanced in these 3 key areas.


Want to know how to do this? I go through each of these steps on my online workshop, it's free to join.


Click here for more details: http://bit.ly/2CEhIkM


You'll leave the training feeling renewed, re-energised and inspired to finally feel free and in control of your life.


If you don't want to waste any more time with ‘one-size fits all' approaches and want to step into the woman you know you can be, then join me on this training here: http://bit.ly/2CEhIkM 


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  • Sareeka

    Yes I do feel tired

  • Jasmine Kaye

    I dont have enough deep quality sleep
    Which I need to get me thru the day

  • Samantha Girling

    Been on a strict diet but I keep on bloating everyday

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