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What to eat to increase energy when working back late

What foods you can eat for energy if you have to work back late tonight or any other night during the week.

You need the energy, the brainpower to get through your work faster and not make any mistakes but have that concentration while you're pulling some late nights at work. To have more energy when you come home from work so it doesn't feel like work is the only thing that you do, but you have the energy for other things and to feel like you have a life. Also to have energy so that if you're coming home to kids it doesn't feel like you're too tired to play with them, to talk to them, or you feel irritable really easily because you're tired.

So what foods to eat?

It does matter what you eat not only in the first part of your day but also throughout the day. The first thing I recommend is to have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack even if you don't feel hungry. I normally recommend something really quick and easy if you're busy like a jar of nuts on the table like Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans a small handful mid-morning or mid-afternoon as a snack. That is going to provide us carbohydrates, proteins and good fats and it's really good for providing us with energy and keeping our blood glucose levels stable throughout the day which will keep our energy stable. Mid-morning/mid-afternoon snacks add a jar of nuts on your desk and put a calendar reminder or set your alarm if you need to buzz you to have that snack.

The second thing that I'd recommend if you're normally going to go for more coffee in the afternoon to get you through the day remember coffee doesn't actually give us energy, it masks our fatigue. It ends up making us more tired in the long run even though initially it feels like we have more energy. Skip the coffee and the afternoon biscuit because again that biscuit is going to make you have a sugar crash so you're going to feel more tired two hours later. Instead, go for a green juice or a smoothie or even one a turmeric latte with almond milk is a much better option than just going for the coffee and the biscuit.

The last thing I recommend is that with your lunch making sure that you eat has a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and protein. Protein being  Chicken, meat, fish, eggs etc and carbohydrates being your veggies and your grains as well. The reason is that when you combine the two they'll give you energy that's long-lasting and stable energy throughout the day. If you just have carbs with lunch like a pasta or a sandwich which doesn't have any protein in there you are going to crash in the afternoon. So once we crash with our energy it's really hard for us to pick ourselves back up.

Those are the three things that I recommend if you're working back late and you need more energy for work and when you come home from work. Mid-morning/mid-afternoon snack, having a green juice or a smoothie and making sure your lunch has good amounts of proteins and carbohydrates.

If you feel like you're tired all the time and you wake up tired, you have highs and lows throughout the day your anxious/overwhelmed and you have brain fog, you're struggling to lose excess weight then come and join me in my workshop this week where I'm going to talk more about what's going on and what you can do to get your energy back, get your mojo back, shift those unwanted kilos, feel a lot calmer and in control and on top of things.  Join me here: https://www.vesnahrsto.com/conquer-fatigue 

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